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Writers Success, Freelancing, and Blog Promotion

Jane profile mod1Today we have an exclusive interview with the Jane Sheeba owner of probloggingsuccess.com.  Here story of blogging is very interested where it started back in a lonely time in her life away from friend and family.  She was able to use blogging/writing as a way to escape.

She is always  great teacher in sharing great tips in running an online business, maximize your time, and accomplish your goals.  I am very excited to have Jane to say to share all her great and exclusive information with us today.

Thank you Jane, and let’s get started!



How did ProbloggingSuccess.com get started? What made you think a blog about writing would be so successful?

Problogging Success initially started as Find All Answers which was a multi-niche blog. I talked about blogging, health and relationships at that blog. When I found that I couldn’t cope to serve multi-niche audience under one roof, I split up Find All Answers
into Problogging Success, Merry Relationships and Diet Fitness Deck.

Seeing the potential for blogging and how many aspiring bloggers were looking for directions, I knew that I can become successful by helping them.

In short, I would like to share this quote:

“The world’s biggest problems are also the world’s biggest market opportunities. You
can solve energy, water, health care and education problems, save the world and
become a billionaire in the process.” ~ Peter Diamandis

How did you turn writing into a business from your own personal experience?

As I was proving myself authoritative via my high quality content, freelance opportunities started flowing in. Although I have to admit that I really didn’t intend to do freelancing, I embraced the opportunities. I think it was because of my presence in the internet
with my guest posts. So far I’ve done close to 300 guest posts. In fact over 90% of the freelancing opportunities were because the company reps found me directly from my guest posts (only 10% of them found me though my own blog’s posts).

I did freelancing for a while. But since I also started getting web design and blog maintenance clients, I had to cut down the number of freelancing gigs I accepted. Now I rarely do freelance writing.

British speak differently than Americans, especially from other colonized countries. How do you compensate for it when dealing with folks over the border?

To be honest, I don’t pay much attention to location based language. May be if I were a native English speaker I would worry. Now that English is not my first language and I’m improving my writing skills every day, I just focus on the writing part.

However, that doesn’t mean that I don’t not care about grammar.

What are the three most important things you’ve done to help you build your writing business?

Guest blogging, networking and the most important of all, providing quality content.

Have you ever had a JV/partnership go bad? If so, could you share your experience and story with that?

I have never partnered with anyone in lines with business. I actually fear to have such a business partnership (at least as of now, but that might change; I’m not sure!). I kinda started having a JV, but even before it started I had to call quits since I couldn’t handle
what I had to do.

In general I think I’m not good at business partnerships – at least so far!

What one piece of advice would you give someone wanting to start a similar business?

It takes determination, patience and smart work to get there. Don’t jump in without having a clear goal of what you want out of the business, an action plan and a determination to put your best in, without holding back.

How many books have you written and share how you have published?

I offer two free ebooks at my blog for my subscribers. I have authored three premium

  1. Problogging Action Plan
  2. Guest Blogging Champion
  3. Can I Really Make Money Blogging

My free e-books can be accessed from this page

What is your next project, book, or anything else new coming in the near future?

I’m focusing on developing a serious course for aspiring bloggers. When I say course, it will be not the “just another” internet marketing course like the ones out there.

I’ll make sure that the course covers only what’s most needed for my readers and what’s not covered, yet – my style.

Anything else you would like to share?

It is nice to see lots of people jump into the blogosphere every day. But only a very small portion of them make it to a successful level. Majority of them jump off the boat and miss it. This is mainly because of the “get rich quick” attitude.

As a result many bloggers want to earn “easy money” – and in fact such a thing doesn’t exist!

So, I would like to ask all aspiring bloggers to be determined to put in enough hard work and have patience!

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  1. Vijesh May 14, 2013 at 11:04 pm #

    Thanks Eric,

    There are many thing one can learn from Sheeba, but one of the major things I learnt was guest blogging. She is simply superb in guest blogging at others blogs and she inspired me in that case.

    Once again thanks for the interview Eric…
    Vijesh recently posted…How to Increase the chances of getting an Approved Adsense accountMy Profile

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