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Why I Care about PLR

I want to share with you why I care about PLR and why you should too. There are so many reasons and benefits that PLR has to offer.  So I want to take this time to share why I care about PLR.

  1. The potential of additional content is unlimited
  2. The added value that actually teach and help others
  3. The foundation can be laid quickly and easy

These PLR can be some of the best investments I have ever made.

I am going to write and say that  ever PLR product it the best in the world, and be quite honest there are some PLR products that have some problems.  These problems could be:

  1. Poorly written
  2. Over sold, over used, and duplicated content
  3. Believing its a business in box

How do I use PLR products?

Most of the time I will rewrite them to make them 100% unique for blogging, emails, giveaways, or maybe even to create a new product.   If you just try to put your name on the PLR product you just bought thats a beginner mistake do the problems I just shared.

Why I use PLR products? 

I invest in PLR because they expand, grow, and build my business.  This is a simple way to quickly give you hundreds of additional content.  The PLR products will continue to add value, help others, and multiple return on investment.

Where I use PLR products?

I use them for blog posts, emails, mini reports, ebooks, or other products. The keys again is to use PLR only as a start to continue to expand, reword, and reshape additional content.

PLR investments and profit 

This is just some examples of why I care about PLR and how I use them for profit and big profit!

The biggest factor that I can recall when I finally saw the true benefits of PLR was when I started taking action.

I finally took the jump into the PLR world and gave them a chance, but I did not stop there.

If you just purchase a PLR package and take no action or use them for word for word you missing out.

I learned you have to make them work for you and create multiple ways to use them as mentioned above.

I have known others that have purchased $75 worth of PLR products, and turned those into a product valued over $750.

One sell of that product a attractive return of investment.
Conclusions on PLR

The opportunities and the potential of these type of products are again unlimited.

I hope this helps show you why I care about PLR, and now I hope you do too.

So, you made it this far down the page.

I hope you learned something from me sharing my personal experience with you.

I want to hear your thoughts, opinions, or experiences of PLR that  you have in the comments below.

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  1. sanchit January 24, 2013 at 9:51 am #

    Plese tell me what is PlR stands dfor.
    what is the concept of plr. i am getting your point.
    sanchit recently posted…Mobile RechargeMy Profile


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