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What is a Blog Comments?

What is a Blog Comments?

This may sound very beginner to many people out there, but believe it or not I continue to talk to more and more people that do not know what blog comments are. That’s what brings us to this post to help education and share the knowledge of what are blog comments?

Underneath almost all blog posts is a section of the blog that is designated section for readers to leave a comment about the post written.  In most blogs, the focal point is around blog comments that truly engage the readers to interact and be a part of the blog itself.

The most popular blogs have a very interactive tribe (ask Seth Godin would call them)  or community who whole heartily will share their opinions on the blogs posts frequently. It’s that community appearance that makes blogs such a powerful intrinsic of the social media. People like to feel included and part of something big. Leaving blog comments allows readers to expand and keep the conversation about a topic going on.

The Profit of Blog Comments to the Blog Community

Blog comments are one of the key elements of a blog. Comments are one of the few aspects that separate a blog completed different than a static website. Encourage your readers to join in the discussion and to add value and their perspective thoughts.  As the conversation continues to grow, so will your relationship with your readers and the result should be a very successful blog.  Remember, to nurture and take care of your readers in taking time in reading and responding to all blog comments.

The Wave Effects That Blog Comments Carries Beyond the Blog Conversation

Another unique aspect of blog comments is links that can be left through the blog comments. These links can add a great effect to find new bloggers, blogs, and similar post ideas to help further education and inform readers.  Though just like any other link there can be an issue with spam which does not benefit anyone. Additionally, bloggers can leave trackbacks as well through a blog comment, but we leave that for another blog post coming up in the near future.

But, I do want to hear from you, and what this blog post helpful or did you already know all this information?  Please leave me a blog comment and share your open opinion about this blog post, and this will help me in helping my readers in the future blog posts to come.  Please leave a comment below.

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  1. LeeOnna Sanchez December 22, 2012 at 3:16 am #

    I found this article to be valuable, especially since I had no idea what a blog comment was. I think it’s a great way to get a little more traffic to your site, especially if the blog you are commenting on is in the same niche market as you are in. I think it’s a great way to get to know other people and get answers to questions as well as getting a conversation going that can benefit everyone involved to some point. Such great information in this article especially for those who are newbies or who are new to creating their own blog. They can learn a lot about it here on the site from blog commenting to what it is and more.

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