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Wanna Succeed With Blogging? Become a Toddler

Everyone that is new to this whole blogging business and all the different terms and technology, the internet become this huge place of all kinds of information, conflicting advice, and choice to follow every click on the next blog post.  I know the feeling and how easy it is to just feel overwhelmed and never know where to start.  So here is my tip of how to get started.

Start having the mindset as a toddler.

See I have two toddlers literally running around my house and sometime even make a little havoc at times as well. :)

Here are five tips that I continue to learn from my toddlers last weekend while we as a family went swimming:

1.)  Have NO fear

Last week I took my children swimming, and they had so much fun!  Though at sometimes they had no fear of getting into the deep end and start having some fun.  They wanted to continue to try new things and even started to jump into the deep in of course with the help of daddy.

2.)  Continued to learn from watching others

It never amazes me how much children can pick up and learn from just watching other children.  My kids would see other kids splashing so of course what do they start doing they start splashing.  My toddlers saw other kids start using there arms to help them swim, and you got it they actually started picking up some swimming motions all from just watching how others around them were doing it.

3.)  Continued to try new things

It did not matter what it was, my two toddlers continued to want to try new things.  Rather it was new tricks such as blowing bubbles in the water, or learning how to float with a fun noodle, or even putting there head under water.  It just seemed as if they wanted to continue to try new things and experience how fun it can be swimming and getting more comfortable with the water.

4.)  Learn what is appropriate boundaries

Several times though I found myself having to literally stop my children.  One time I found one of my toddlers trying to take a step right into the 5ft pool.  That’s when dad had to step in and explain that you can not just step into the that deep of water.  It was a great teaching opportunity to talk to them about what they can and can not do especially when it comes to water.  It still really did not stop them and they continued to pretty fearless.

5.) You go to keep moving

One thing that I found very interesting was teaching them how to stay warm in the water.  It seemed as if they found themselves just holding on to me or standing around in the shallow end they would say that wanted to get out because they were cold.  I would have to remind them that they must move around and become more active in the water to stay warm.  And so I found myself not being able to drag them out of the pool.

Do you thing any of these little tips that I have observed last weekend swimming with my toddlers could apply to your blogging or internet marketing experience? 

Do you ever find yourself fearing something? Or not knowing what do next, but find yourself standing still and not having any fun?  Lastly, how about not wanting to try anything new?

I find it so interesting how much we really can learn from our children even when its something as simple as swimming with them.

Which out of the five that I shared above do you have the most difficult with?  Share which one in the comments below. 

6 Responses to Wanna Succeed With Blogging? Become a Toddler

  1. Nicks September 12, 2013 at 8:12 am #

    Fear is something we need to throw outside our blogosphere.
    When I tried to publish my first guest post, I was in the fear that whether people gonna like it or they just spit some bad words about the post.
    But, luckily I’m very confident in this days.

    Thanks Eric for the post.
    Nicks recently posted…Download Collection of Angry Birds Games for androidMy Profile

    • Eric Pangburn September 12, 2013 at 9:22 pm #

      Hey Nicks,

      I could not agree with you anymore…Fear is something that holds us all back somewhat. But trying to become that fearless toddler all over again could probably benefit us in some way, shape, and form.

      Thanks for sharing, and I really enjoyed checking your site,


  2. Justin Thomson September 14, 2013 at 5:29 am #

    Interesting! I would like to say that the blog content really goes with Toddler specifications. I am also one of blogger and the authentic features of your blog are really impressive and full of inspiration.
    Justin Thomson recently posted…Alias HomeMy Profile

    • Eric Pangburn September 14, 2013 at 8:44 am #

      Hey Justin,

      Thanks for stopping by and your kind comment. It’s does surprise me how much I can really learn from my children if I really take the time to slow down, listen, and just enjoy having them run all over the house :)

  3. Karan September 19, 2013 at 6:25 am #

    Sometimes it feels boring. So you need to be patient to get best results. And find interesting ways to do your work. Anyways Eric, you listed good points over there.
    Karan recently posted…Samsung Galaxy S5 Vs Xperia Z2: War of Specs comparisonMy Profile

  4. Oday Rawashdeh September 22, 2013 at 4:26 am #

    Hi Eric,
    thanks for your post, you describe a blogging succeed in a perfect way.
    Oday Rawashdeh recently posted…health benefits of cinnamonMy Profile

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