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This is What Google Adsense Looks Like for Me

So this weekend I got an email and I could not believe what I read.  Last week was a very special in regards to Google Adsense program has been around for 10 years now!


I will be honest; I had thought that Google Adsense has been around a lot longer than that.  Though, this means that I have been working with Google Adsense for the start which I never realized.

So Google is celebrating its 10th year anniversary which on their video found here.

I can remember purchasing my site back in March of 2003 and shortly after that signing up for Google Adsense.

I can remember just like it was yesterday my first time experimenting, and had a full skeptic mindset thinking to myself.  This is never going to work.  Seriously, I have to make $100 to even get a pay check from Google.  I will probably put in all this time, effort, and hard work and I will never see a dime.

I can remember the days of not really know what I am doing and just trying to figure out which ad size and color works the best.

Than it happened!

No lie, I got my first click and the money started coming.  After one month I had made a whooping $32.54.  I starting thinking to myself this actually could work.

Than the next month I got my first Google Adsense paycheck in mail which really surprised me.

By no means was I ready to retire or even to quit my day job over this kind of money.  Though, it did give me a hope that I could really make some decent money with this Google Adsense.

I will admit I got excited. I got really excited and starting working even that much hard.  I started learning more about ad placement, ad size, clickthrough rates.  I discovered how important it was to have the ads blend into your over web design.  I also figure out that for my site the upper left corner was the sweet spot for my Google Adsense placement.

What I did next was started to generate a ton of content at a really rapid pace.  I would try to add a good quality article each and every single day 7 days a week.  At that time I was just learning, but to me it just made sense to have more pages which meant more ads.  My logical thinking went well if there more ads than I have more chance of getting clicks which in the end of the day puts more money into my pocket.

Once I started tracking my site and pages.  Next I started to see that some days I was getting only a few clicksthroughs, but I would make more money.  So I started to research and learn that different keywords actually brought in more or less money.

I began to try different things to see if I could increase my google adsense.

Sure enough it worked.

To make the long story short here are some of my highlights early on again strictly from Google Adsense alone:

  • Nov 2004 I had my first month of over $2k.
  • Dec 6th I saw an one day earning over $100 for the first time.
  • I continued to scale my adsense revenue with more sites and blogs.

Through the years with Google Adsense it has been somewhat of a wild roller coaster ride with some ups and downs. I have seen some of my best income resulting from Google adsense.

While, I will admit that I still use Google adsense today I have adventured into several different streaming revenue

While there were ups and downs in my earnings over the coming months (in January it all took a big dive due to me falling out of Google Search results for 6 weeks) since then I’ve continued to earn a monthly income from AdSense. I enjoy Google Adsense so much I wrote “15 Reasons of Why I Use Google Adsense“.

While I know there are a lot of Google Adsense ‘haters’ out there amongst entrepreneurs, internet marketing, and bloggers.  I must admit that I am thank for what Google Adsense Network has and continues to do for me and my family.

Thank you and Happy Birth Google Adsense!

3 Responses to This is What Google Adsense Looks Like for Me

  1. Cameron Fous June 26, 2013 at 12:06 am #

    nice article. I haven’t used adsense in years. Might have to hop back on the bandwagon!
    Cameron Fous recently posted…How To Buy Stocks Before The Crowd. Proven FOUS4 Stock Trading System ReviewMy Profile

  2. Jennifer Benchich June 26, 2013 at 12:38 pm #

    Hearing your story on your experience with Google Adsense gives me some hope. I just started using Adsense a week ago and I think I still need to work on placement etc. Haven’t made much yet, I’ve heard good stories and bad stories from others with Adsense, I’d be okay with somewhere in between!
    Jennifer Benchich recently posted…Windows 8.1 Preview NewsMy Profile

  3. Vinoth July 4, 2013 at 6:14 am #

    Interesting article.Gives some hope to newbies like me that they can earn from adsense
    Vinoth recently posted…Soundstage Blogger TemplateMy Profile

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