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Think of Seasonal Trends and Market Trends

Sometimes we get so caught up in the how to and what to do with it comes to marketing, and sometimes just forget some of basic common sense stuff that comes around every certain season of the year.

Some of the most popular marketing strategies have to do with the right timing, release dates, and just flat out using your own common sense of when to plan for your different events, ideas, and strategies.  Sometimes all the marketing is done in a meeting room and everyone agrees it’s a great idea, but many times we don’t stop to think of what season it is, and what’s going that same time frame.

Sometimes in spite of all the heard and see, marketing goes farther than just quality content, great SEO. It can come down to the perfect timing.  This perfect timing is crucial for success for any marketing campaign.

What season is it anyway?

Think for a moment with me.  During the month of July, a lot of people are what is called summer busy.  They are out and about. They are traveling to watch their kids play sports. A lot of sports are being played mostly a lot of baseball, softball with a little mix of football, basketball, and soccer.  The weather is nice and people want to be outside, on the beach, doing summer stuff.

What is the last thing on their mind in the summer?  Well, I can tell they are not worried about a winter coats, if they have enough salt for next winter storm, or even thinking that much if any about Christmas Shopping.  See it’s just common sense.

Now fast forward a few months let’s take October for example. Now this is the season where people are thinking fall, a little cooler weather gets to think about the winter season.  Some early and planners start Christmas shopping, and it’s marketed everywhere right around Halloween.  More people are trying to find things to do inside, and by this time all students are back into school.

What’s the point of all this?

I share this thought with you to make sure your not forgetting that the normal and every seasonal and just our normal lifestyle has trends.

So with this I wanted to share with you a perfect example of taking advantage of the seasonal trends.  So a while back it just seemed everywhere I turned I kept on hearing about  Duck Dynasty, and they were such a hot and trendy topic.  So I decide to create a guest blog post, “The Ultimate Blogger Guide to Duck Dynasty” and ran this guest blog post the week that Duck Dynasty had there season finale.

It was a hit, because it was the perfect timing for something like that to come out.  Actually it turned out so well that it stirred up this blog post here.

Don’t be too late

My last point is this sometimes and especially when it comes to the internet and search engines. We always think that traffic, updates, and articles are just instant.  That one day you post the article and the next day it’s just going to be up on #1 on Google.

Let’s be honest with ourselves it just does not happen that way.  So if your wanting to get information out about something that’s just around the corner.  You should not be waiting for others to see if they have anything posted.  Because by the time you start seeing online is honestly to late.

Another example would be with graduation just around the corner.  I continue to see graduation gift ideas, graduation quotes, graduation 2013, and the list goes on.  Well, your window of opportunity for that trend is closing each and every day.  Because honestly, once the person goes to that graduation part, ceremony, or just gives the gift out.  They are not thinking or searching about gradation until next year.

The next time you’re planning your next marketing campaign, marketing content or just blog schedule.  Keep the common season in the forefront and remember what season it is and how you could leverage some of the everyday lifestyle season and trends to benefit your next campaign.  Always plan ahead.  There is nothing wrong being the first person talking about the next seasonal trend.  Though, being the last could be the problem.

Don’t follow the crowd, but lead the crowd.  Don’t be the person saying man I should have thought about doing that for my site.  Be aware and use common sense when thinking about what coming around the next corner.

Common sense marketing is the most effective marketing tool you have!

What trends, season, or thoughts do you have about this post?  Share your comments below.

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