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The Featured Start Up – Write Fight Road Trip

The Featured Start Up – Write Fight Road Trip

This is the creation of Christian Fletcher, writer and rebel.  He is a champion writer. And he’ll fight you to prove it.

Fletch told me: “Write Fight is a game I play in the town where I live now (Champaign, IL). I pick ‘write fights’ with people by hanging posters around, word of mouth, etc. We meet in a bar or cafe, get a random prompt from a stranger (a word like “Skeletons” or a phrase like “What I did in Vegas”), then start the timer. Each fighter has to write a complete piece of creative writing in 30 minutes. Bam! I post them all online.”

Want to see work that comes from these bouts? Jump to the Write Fight site here: WRITE FIGHT!

Christian has so much fun and success with this, his next step is to take Write Fight beyond his little town and start picking fights all over the United States. This means…yes, you guessed it:


For Write Fight Road Trip, Fletch will pick 30 Write Fights in 30 days, all over the U.S. Fletch will fight anyone, regular people just like me and you, any writer, experienced or wannabe. He’ll camp and couchsurf his way around the states, fighting 30 people in 30 days!!

Do you want to see this happen?  Yes! Of course you do. So do I!

Screen Shot 2013-09-23 at 10.16.06 PM

This is my challenge you to you. Get involved. Kick in a few bucks NOW. Donors get great rewards such as:

$10 for a Write Fight Road Trip postcard!
$25 for access to all the writing from this project! (An exclusive offer.)
$75 to have yourself or your idea as part of the prompt for a Write Fight. And more…


If you can’t donate, you still have options. Connect to Fletch right here. You can:

Follow him on Twitter: FLETCH ON TWITTER!

Email him directly: FLETCH’S GMAIL!

Read his stuff: WRITE FIGHT!

Ask Fletch questions here on my blog!

The Kickstarter for WRITE FIGHT ROAD TRIP wraps up 10/5. The clock is ticking. So get with Christian. He is already filling up his car for this amazing road trip. Do it now. I am.

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