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The Art of Blog Commenting

The Art of Blog Commenting


I am wanting to share the art of blog commenting.  I dislike spam and spam blog comments, and the problem with many blog comments today is spammy comments.  As a blogger, I will only use blog comment for good and not evil spam. The art of blog commenting when used correctly, are a great way to add value, share new thoughts, build relationships, and build search engine optimization. With all the good blog comments on the flip side comes close to double spam comments.  With all this spam comes blog protection to combat again spam through filters and many comments being deleted.  This is why I want to teach the art of blog commenting today.


Steps Toward the Art of Commenting

Keep good manners.  When it comes to commenting this is the time to keep your comments polite, tactful, and never inappropriate.  This might be a no brainer, but keeping your thoughts tactful and valuable steering away from the aggressive and off color comments that offend will derail the conversation instead of stirring up more adding to the conversation.

Keep it simple. This is finding the right balance of keeping the blog comment to the point, short, but clearly share your thoughts and ideas.  Nothing screams spam louder than long paragraphs of fluff and rambling.  Remember this is a comment not another blog post so keeping the comment short and to the point.  Lastly, remember to clearly state and address the topic within a fair amount usually a few sentences woks perfectly.

Keep it seductive. I bet that turned some heads and yes I said keep it seductive.  This means to go deeper than just comments such as “I loved this blog post.” or “Awesome writing.”  Being seductive is wooing the author by truly opening up and sharing much deeper and the true meanings of why it was an awesome and how much it was loved.  Start being seductive in your blog commenting and see how much further it goes in building the conversations and relationships.

Keep adding value. One-word comments or unrelated comments do not add any value to a blog discussion. This type of commenting only leads bloggers to count comments such as this as spam and often times will end in deleting the blog comment. Show that you have actually read the post you are commenting on and try to add some value. This will increase the chance the comment will stick and be approved.

Keep the links limited. First, most blogs will allow the name to be a link so do not duplicate that link within the actual blog comment section. The comment section is used for valuable, useful, and contributing information only. This is just another great example and teaching the art of blog commenting.

Action Steps – The Art of Commenting

Here were some very clear and easy steps to follow to becoming a master at blog commenting.  By following these simple steps and building value that adds interest only great results come about.  So give these steps a try and I want to hear of the progress that this art of blogging has contributed to your success.  Please feel free to leave a comment, share examples of good or bad blog comments, or share how your growing in this area of blog commenting.

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  1. David@Archetectural Facades January 20, 2013 at 2:19 am #

    A big advantage to letting others comment on your blog posts is they help with your on page SEO. This is true because new content is king in Google search. And, getting new comments daily is sure to boost your page’s position in Google search over stale HTML pages. But, as you say, it’s best to keep the comment relevant to the blog post. That adds the most value for the blogger.

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