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What Is Guest Blogging?

What Is Guest Blogging? Interested in writing a blog post but don’t want to bother putting you your own blog? Or perhaps you already have a blog but would like to expand your scope? Guest blogging could very well be in your future. The definition of Guest Blogging As you may have guessed from the [...]

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Do You Focus to Much On the Wrong Things?

Do you remember all the energy you had when you started blogging? You felt this rush and could not wait to get back into WordPress, check your comments, write your next post, and continue to blog! Well, fast forward a few days, months, or even years.  It seems as if the newness has worn off, [...]

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Tent Blogger, Blogging, and Leadership with John Saddington

Quick Starters Book(s) Your Currently Reading? Derailed is one book of many right now that i’m reading that reviews incredible leadership failures. I hope not to follow this well-worn path. Coffee or Tea? Coffee. Best Business Purchase? My Macbook Air: I LOVE THIS THING.   What’s the first think you do at work each day? Take a [...]

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What Is A Blog?

The Real Question is “What Is A Blog”? 2013 is already well under way, and here we are still wrestling with the concept of blogs and what is a blog used for. Well…some of us are, at least. While the rest of the world has moved on to the science of blogging and how to use it [...]

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Got Questions? Blogging, Writing, Blogs, Or Ask Anything!

source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/21496790@N06/5065834411/ So go ahead and ask away and ask anything.  I mean it…Anything. I’ll do my best to answer it and if I can’t I’ll do my best to figure it out to point in a direction that someone else can. Also, you may want to check some trust thoughts I know it’s sometimes [...]

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Reaching Out to Fellow Bloggers

Give First to Fellow Bloggers Pssst. Over here. I want to snitch a little secret. Have you notice this obsession of everyone talking about, wanting more, and will do anything to gain more traffic. I have used this little secret on many different occasions to my advantage, and the outcome always seems to amaze me. [...]

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Be the Best Freelance Blogger You Can Be

They say that knowing is powerful, but the most important aspect is to know the right things, people, and information.  While there are tons of people around the internet and blogging space who claim to teach you methods, ways to earn money, or even earn money writing.  This brings me to my newest section that [...]

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Hi and Low This Weeks Blogging Experience

Hi and Low This Weeks Blogging Experience Happy Friday everyone!  This week has seem to fly by and can you believe that we are almost completed the first month of the new year.   If the start of this year continues to move at this pace it’s going to be 2014 before I know it. With [...]

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Is Your Blog a Business or just another Blog?

I have talked with tons and tons of people either trying to make money online, wanting to make money online, or are making money online.  Yes there is a huge difference from those three types of people.  I started to think the other day, and stop and asked myself this question, “I am running a [...]

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13 Successful Blogging Tips For You

13 Successful Blogging Tips For You 1. Be consistent. 2. Be helpful. 3. Be enthusiastic. 4. Be creative and don’t make excuses. 5. Use all your resources – free, paid, or even exchanged. Forget about the past 6. Know what your readers want. 7. Be engaging. 8. Understand your boundaries. 9. Give links. Link to [...]

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