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Should You Start a Business Blog?

Why you should consider a small-business blog–and how you can start one

I have done my research and blogging is not going away any time soon. Even just look at some of these blogging statistics that I was able to dig up.

Do you see the opportunity? Do you see the growth?  And should your business or small business start a blog?

I believe that blogging is the MOST effective content marketing tool.

The facts and stats don’t lie.  Blogs are a great tool to leverage information, content, and even generate more sales.  When talking about effective web property a blog brings that personal touch and incorporated the marketing in a unique way that no other web property does.

what is a blog
source: what is a blog

Why Your Business Should Think About Blogging

Here are the benefits that I have concluded that blogging can contribute to your business

  • The customer interaction that a blog builds is invaluable
  • Helps your business to develop a deeper relationship with your audience
  • The ability to gain deeper insight within your customer’s mind of what they are looking for
  • Adding a business blog just makes your site more accessible, accommodating, and accepting
  • Per dollar per conversion a blog will be able to match any marketing dollar spent by 75% or more
  • Blogging is a great way to build brand awareness
  • This platform will create strong loyal customers
  • Literally no instructions required


How to Best Leverage and Measure a Successful Blog

If your business gives blogging a chance, here are some suggestions to get the most out of blogging.

Establish policies, plans, and personality. Decide what direction and the end goal of blogging looks like for your business.  An example, you want to increase traffic though search engines, or you want to leverage your expertise in your niche.  Make sure you making this clear with everyone that is going to participate and write on the blog.  Knowing your plans will help you establish the ground rules of how your business is going to accomplish the direction your wanting to head with your blog.  This is very important to keep everyone moving in the right direction.

Attract the starving crowd.  Everyone now days are looking for information, looking for help, looking for solutions, and want the information right now.  If your blog can stand out of crowds by delivering a clear, concise, and connecting information.  Your going continue to attract the starving crowds!

Point back to the site. Creative blogging is a great way to break the ice and point readers back to your site and even to sale pages.  Be personal, relational, and a little conversational always helps.

Keep posting. One of the biggest blog turn off is going to a blog that has information dated months or years ago.  Blogging only a few times a month probably will not get any real results. Ideally, blogging more frequently can help establish a more loyal readership.

Keep it pertinent and personal. This is a great opportunity to lead readers know the real people behind your business.  Sometimes people want to know the who, instead of the what.  They want to know the what your really think about your business, the sector, and just personally speaking to them at their level.  This platform is great for interviews, stories, personal experiences, and just keeping things at a conversational plane.

Build up targeted keywords. Though blogging is a great way to integrate unambiguous keywords that can boost your search engine ranking.  Seriously have you tried this? Indeed you cannot go wrong.

Blog for the long run. Be dedicated to stick with giving blogging a good chance.  Again, the worst thing to do is have a abandoned or half completed blog which will deter readers.

Be geared up to evangelize. We know the reality of not everyone in your business is going to be 100% on board with having a blog.   This is why teams and being able to effectively communicate with team members is huge for all organizations.  Be geared up to ask questions, prove the facts, and show others the remuneration of blogging.

Do your own research and homework. It’s always a great plan to ask or bound ideas off of others you trust and value. Research and do your homework on your own to discover what you feel could be the best next marking strategy and if that is with a blog or not. Why do I suggest for businesses to have a blog?  There are ton of reason and I hope your able to discover them as well for your own personal or business marketing plan.

Speak Your Mind

In the end, a blog will low marketing costs, create customer conversations, and build a community around your business.  If those don’t sound appealing to you or your business than watch your back because competition is getting fierce and you’re going to need to start leveraging everything you have.

Starting a blog?  Why or why not?  If so, what’s your biggest blogging challenge you’re facing right now.  Share in the comment section below.

9 Responses to Should You Start a Business Blog?

  1. Bitts May 31, 2013 at 9:55 am #

    Well, i can write and keep on writing but the issue i am facing right now is that i am not getting much traffic.
    I know its all about building back links and all that stuff but can you tell me any estimate about how much time is required to get your blog up there in the search engine rankings?
    Bitts recently posted…How to Calculate Current RatioMy Profile

    • Eric Pangburn May 31, 2013 at 10:01 pm #

      Hey Bitts,

      This is a great question and I don’t think there is any one answer fits all scenarios. The first thing is to determine what your plan and goal is for your blog. If it’s all about traffic than your going to have to put in the time to find some good quality backlinks. So being clear on where your wanting to go with your blog will help you plan on how you should get there.

      If you have any other questions feel free to contact me anytime,


      • Bitts June 3, 2013 at 2:48 pm #

        Yes, but Eric where do i get those quality backlinks ? :’(

        In my yes, its easier said than done. Found so many sites but every site has a no follow feature in it.

        How do we get the backlinks? Publishing articles on directories? If yes then one article = 1 Backlink? or Google is only going to count that directory once no matter how many articles we submit?
        There is total confusion, believe you me.
        Bitts recently posted…What is Fifo InventoryMy Profile

  2. Carin Robert June 1, 2013 at 2:39 am #

    I think it’s really tough to create more traffic for a blog……

    • Eric Pangburn June 1, 2013 at 7:15 pm #

      Hey Carin,

      Could you be more specific in some why you think it’s tough to create traffic with your blog? I would be very interested in talking with you more if you have any other questions or if your looking for more ideas for more traffic look me up.

      Waiting to hear back,


  3. Mark Ford June 1, 2013 at 5:12 am #

    Starting my blog was one of the best marketing decisions I’ve made.

    My web traffic has rocketed which has lead to more enquiries and ultimately more sales.
    Mark Ford recently posted…Google’s Matt Cutts Issues New Warning on Advertorials & Paid ContentMy Profile

    • Eric Pangburn June 1, 2013 at 7:14 pm #

      Hey Mark,

      I am glad you were able to see success! What were some of your specific goals when you started blogging if you don’t mind sharing?

      Look forward to hearing from you soon,


  4. Steve June 4, 2013 at 5:58 pm #

    Be original too. There are so many blogs out there that are just trying to build their keyword density, so it’s important to write genuine content that’s actually interesting!

    • Eric Pangburn June 4, 2013 at 8:24 pm #

      Hey Steve,

      You have nailed it and being able to deliver the content that so many people are hungry for. So how is your blog doing?

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