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Scams are EVERYWHERE!  Just the other day my wife got 3 calls from a guy with a really jamican accident telling her she won the sweepstakes.  Of course she knew it was a scam and reported it right way. 

 It does not matter what avenue scams take they are literally everywhere you look.  Open an email, take a phone call, receive a text message, looking for a deal online, and the list can go on forever. 

Scam can be found everywhere and here is short list of some of the more popular scams that I am sure you have seen:

Iraqi dinar scam
Nigerian scam
world ventures scam
vector marketing scam
ambit energy scam
African mango scam
419 scam
secret shopper scam

As you can see this list could probably go on forever.  Though, I am to offer you some tips on how to discover a scam and not to get suckered into these scams.   Honestly, these tips are not going to be earth shattering, but more just flat out common sense.

Here are several characteristics that I found when coming across a scam:

1.    If it sounds too good to be true…it is!

This is just the common sense rule if it sounds to good to be true then it is. If you are getting promised millions over night it’s too good to be true. If they offer no work and all success than it’s. Are you getting the picture yet. Yes that’s right use some common sense

2.    Use your gut instincts

If your gut is saying no that’s a good sign that it’s a scam. Your instinct can be your friend, and follow it. Though the emotions, you have gut feelings that can always steer you in the right direction. Don’t push those gut instincts and feelings away.

3.    Bounce the idea off someone before you purchase

If you on the fence and feel that something might be a scam than take the time and bounce the idea off with someone else. Don’t send any money, purchase, or click on anything else before running the idea with a good friend, a spouse, or even a partner. This can save you tons of money in the long run. Just take your time to get some advice from someone that you trust.

4.    Don’t get sucked into the hype

Hype is where they get you at. They want you to think this is the best decision that you can make and you have to do it now! Don’t fall for all the hype and really take your time. I promise if the deal worth while it will be be there in 24 hours, if not 48 hours, and probably next week. Make sure your no tired, to late at night, or over emotional because that plays right into all the hype.

5.    Sleep on it

Take your time and sleep on it. There have been someone things that I get all excited about and I feel it’s the perfect purchase. Than I will take a day to sleep on it and go back to the offer and decide it’s really not worth it. The best part is when you see months later of others that have purchased that product and turned out very poorly.

6.    Do your research

Check out several these sites that I suggest:







7.    Don’t pay for stuff that you get for free

You would be surprised all the information that you can find on the internet for completely free. Do your research, homework, and really dig deep and research for free information. One of the problems is that so many people want the easy way, and would rather pay for it. Take the extra steps to try to find the information that your looking for.  

Have you ever been scammed, do you have any stories to share? I would love to hear some of your scammed stories please contact me with your scammed stories. 

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  1. Mohsin April 27, 2013 at 11:42 am #

    thanks for the clarification and information about the spamming
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