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Writers that Want Be a Better Writer

Writing excellent content an a important skill to learn, and continue to improve towards becoming the best writer in you.  Think about content is everywhere and it’s going to continue to be a huge benefit for any internet marketing, online business, or a successful blog. Think about how much content is on the internet. Everything [...]

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Easter Quotes | Happy Easter Quotes | Easter Sunday


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Have you ever be persuaded to change your mind online?

Have you ever read something online that  persuaded you change your mind about anything? An blog post, copy, website, sale page, or anything that made you complete change your mind or position. If you been persuaded to change your mind online. Contact me with the link.  I am interested in seeing the best that really [...]

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The Four Simple Steps it Takes to Turn a Customer into a Client

So I was thinking the other day what it takes for a customer to go from looking to purchasing from start to finish.  Think about it.  I started to think, what were the steps that it takes for a customer to turn into a purchasing client? See there are lot of customers that will come [...]

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Inside Secrets to Internet Marketing With Josh Spaulding

Book(s) Your Currently Reading? Mainly personal, Faith based. I derive most of my IM/Business info from blogs, newsletters and individuals I’ve gotten to know. Best Business Purchase? Probably GetResponse (aWeber is just as good) because that’s when I started building my list … not long after, that list was paying all of my bills plus some. Resource [...]

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What is Ping

What Is Good Ping? If you are familiar with the I.T. industry, you may be familiar with the concept of “pinging” an IP address. For purposes of blogging however, what is ping – “ping” means an almost entirely different thing. PING: The Search Engine Notifier In the blogging world, PING is the acronym for “Packet Internet [...]

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Exclusive First Interview Since Shark Tank With Business Ghost Michael Levin

Michael Levin is a New York Times best selling author and the CEO of www.BusinessGhost.com. You might have seen him on Season 3, Episode 1 of ABC’s Shark Tank. Michael is an accomplished ghostwriter, having written with Michael Gerber, creator of the E-Myth; marketing guru Jay Abraham; and sports figures Dave Winfield and Pat Summerall; and Hollywood publicist Howard [...]

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How Much Time Do You Need to Blog?

This is a great question to be asking.  How much time do you need to blog?  This is probably one of the most asked questions I get when I start talking with others to start up a blog.  So how much time does it take you to blog? This is difficult question to answer because [...]

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Adsense Survey Results

Here are the results from the Adsense Survey     Here is the results from the Adsense Survey.  I was little disappointed that I had less than 10 to participate, but I feel as if I learned a lot of valuable lessons through this survey.  Not only from the Google Adsense survey itself, but also [...]

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What Should My Next Case Study?

Hi everyone! People keep asking me about some more case studies. So I have listened, but want your input. I feel as if these type of case studies continue to bring us closer and a tight-knit community. This will help me push to get better for you. So what case study should I try next? [...]

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