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Most Comment Questions I Have Been Asked About Adsense

Here are the most comment questions that I have heard, received, or answered about Google Adsense.  So I thought I would just lay them out for everyone to read. These are the  most frequently asked questions and in no specific order just the most comment that I come across.   Lastly, this is just my opinion, and how I handle my Google adsense sites that have made me some good money for well over 10 years now.

Is Google Adsense worth having on my site?

Yes, it seriously can make you some great money!  I feel that’s enough said, but you should do your own research and testing.  Also, know that some style, niches, or sites will do better or worse using Google Adsense.  So make sure you fully doing your research before starting a Google adsense focused site.


How long should I wait to start putting up Google Adsense?

My rule of thumb on this question is to wait at least 2 to 3 months or 30 to 60 posts or over 1k unique visitors per month.  Which every comes first, but if your doing things right that all should take close to 3 months.


What’s the best location to place my Google Adsense?

First, I would like to share that this is probably the most debated of all the questions.  While this is a important question to ask, I don’t believe it’s the most important question to be asking. Regardless, let me answer this question.  I believe that upper left is the most important adsense location.  Though, there are so many factors that are just as important as location to be thinking about such as font, color, background, and how the ad actually blends into your site.


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  2. Johan Bengtsson July 23, 2013 at 6:21 am #

    What is the reason you recommend to wait putting up adsense to new sites?
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    Nice post with question and answers.I like this type of posts with conversation.
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