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Kick Spammers In the Junk And Keep Way From Your Blog Comments

How to prevent spammers from leaving comments to your blog containing links and promotional stuff which never relate to your subject? WordPress blog can handle that easily. If you have issues about spammers who try to take advantage of your quality contents, let’s kick them off.

Blogger and WordPress have this “CAPTCHA” functionality. For blogger.com, CAPTCHA is an option of the comment setting. For WordPress, CATCHA is a plugin. What’s the difference?

If you are hosting your blog with blogger.com, a free publishing platform owned by Google, you can easily select the “enable CAPTCHA” option that is located in your comment setting.

How if you are running a blog with WordPress? It’s a piece of cake even for new bloggers.  You can easily download and install the SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam plugin.

Is this the only plugin for anti-spam protection? WordPress has a bunch of experts who are developing free and premium plug-ins for WordPress users in a continual process. In selecting few plugins to use, we should consider some important factors:

  1. The author – Mike Challis is noted for his contribution to the WordPress Community. He is an author of 3 plugins.


  1. The number of downloads – SI CAPTCHA Anti –Spam has a total download of 1,478,715 as of 1/29/2013.


  1. Updates – make sure you are using a plugin that is regularly updated. This is last updated on January 6, 2013. Not updated plugins can harm your blog.


  1. Check the compatibility – this plugin can work perfectly up to 3.5.1 version of WordPress (the latest version as of this date).


  1. Reviews – for all the plugins you want to install on your blog, do read comments or search for reviews before installation.

How SI CAPTCHA Anti –Spam works?

You can use this plugin to prevent spammers to spam your great contents to benefit your precious rank in the eyes of the major search engines. Most spammers are leaving links to your posts. They have two common goals in mind:

  1. Referral traffic from your valued readers, they usually tell you that your content is great or your design is stunning and fast loading to deceive you in that way


  1. Backlinks from your blog. Spammers cannot be trusted and so their links.

SI CAPTCHA Anti –Spam uses a human verification method of preventing spam. Bots might not work anymore. I am not sure though because spammers and hackers are everywhere and they are brilliant-minded. However, since millions of blogs now used human verification or anti-spam plugins for their comment system or user registration forms, most spammers hire real people to spam your sites! There are people who are making few bucks for spamming. SI CAPTCHA Anti –Spam is designed for that purpose. Human spammers might able to send their comments to your system, but it will be filtered and saved into the spam folder. All malicious comments will be added inside that folder for your moderation.

How to use si captcha anti-spam plugin properly?

      1.    Download the plugin


  1. Go to your WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > Add New


  1. Upload your plugins from your PC’s download folder


  1. Install it


  1. Activate it


  1. Head to the Plugins in your WordPress Dashboard again and select SI CAPTCHA Options


  1. Edit some of the important options; you can familiarize with its several security or anti-spam settings

Are your blogs vulnerable with both bots and human spammers? Install this plugins so that you can sleep tight without thinking someone will take advantage of your hard work.

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