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Winning For My Family–And For My Readers

I think it’s about time for me to open up and share some personal information on this blog. I am willing to be vulnerable, honest, and as transparent as I can be with regard to why I started this blog. My original intention was to build a platform with which I could help other people–especially other writers–to reach their goals.

My goals in detail

With that being said, I personally have my own goals and specific ideas on how to reach these goals, which basically involve taking my writing skills–and my business along with it–to the next level. You see, I am doing this blog for my family; I want to help provide for them. I want to be able to augment my income in order to support and help my family. I have certain very specific goals not only for myself, but for my family as well. This blog and other avenues that I continue to maintain online are my means to achieve these goals of supporting my family.

Some of my dreams are to provide other ways for others to benefit from my blog and to see how it has changed my life and my family’s lives in a perceptible way. What I would really like is to hear stories of how people’s lives have been changed by way of the information, suggestions, and ideas shared on Snitch IM blog. Let me share a story of some of the places I have been through in the hopes that they will inspire you to continue to move forward.

Where it all began

Back in 2007, I was self employed and struggling to make it online. Although I had several different ways of making money online, they were just not bringing in enough to support my family and to cover all the costs of raising this growing family in the manner that I wished. Fast forward to the present, and I have to say that there have been numerous bumps in the road, and the journey has been far from perfect. I have to say though that I now have a very rewarding and fulfilling life with my wife and three beautiful children, and more free time to enjoy my life with them than I ever did in the past. This situation that I now find myself in is largely due to the hard work that I have put in all these years.

With all that said, I know from a writer’s standpoint I have a lot to learn, and I want to continue to grow as a writer. I know that copy writing is a skill and what I read on Men with Pens  website is more of what I want to grow into. Personally, I have struggled at times as a writer and being able to sell my work for a reasonable price instead of pennies.

I want to become the best writer that I can, and be able to take my skills to the next level. I know I need to continue to work and improve and while I have looked for different avenues there has been a lot of hoopla that I have found that has never really been able to point me in the right direction or steps that I need to take to take my writing skills to the next level.

I have a true passion, and true desire to learn from the best of the best! I know that if I win this contest that it can truly change my family tree! My family knows how much I want this, and how much it means to me to be available for an opportunity such as this. Another aspect of this is that I would not be able to afford such an incredible service like at the moment. So it would be such a blessing to start off this 2013. That means I will be able to create new opportunities not only for myself, my family, but so many others that I cross paths with.

The plan in action

Now I am eager to share to other people how to make similar changes in their lives, and how to help them achieve the same measure of freedom and satisfaction that I enjoy while still providing for the needs of their families. The methods for doing this basically involve writing and making money online. Time and time again, I have experienced firsthand how growing and improving as a writer has been instrumental in helping me achieve my goals. One of the secrets that I have uncovered in this business is that there are many opportunities to make money online. For me and many other people, the opportunity starts by becoming a better writer.

For this reason, I have set my goals on winning the Damn Fine Words Contest! I want to continue to grow as a writer for my family, and to help other people change their lives for the better just as I have done. After my friends and family, the readers of my blog are most important to me, and I wish to be able to share with them some of the blessings that I have enjoyed over the years. By way of this contest, I wish to be able to pass on these opportunities to many more people so that they too could enjoy the personal and financial rewards that come from the online world!


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3 Responses to Winning For My Family–And For My Readers

  1. Azzi January 21, 2013 at 11:41 am #

    Thanks for the post. I do love the manner in which you have presented this specific matter. I would love to share your blog with my friends on Facebook.

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    • Eric January 22, 2013 at 3:10 am #

      Hey Azzi,

      Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your kind comments. So Azzi, do you have a blog or anything? Again, I really appreciate your support and look forward to connecting with you more!


  2. Will Hull January 23, 2013 at 8:02 pm #

    Best of luck to you and the contest.

    I really enjoy reading your blog.
    Will Hull recently posted…Hullabaloo Stories’ 14 Days of love notes for kidsMy Profile

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