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Getting serious about your email problem

Do you have one? Some people are sending, reading, and writing over hundreds of emails a day.  I know some companies sending out a pre email to some team members to make sure it read right and everything is straightforward.

If you’re serious about solving your emailing problem, accomplishing more,  and saving time, try this for one week. If it doesn’t work, I’ll be happy to give you a full refund.

  1. If you caught people not fully reading the email that was sent.  Kick them off the team or charge them a fine.
  2. No more than one questions per email.
  3. Remove all pictures, smiley faces, or any stupid images
  4. Stop reading every email the first second it comes to your inbox
  5. Before sending your next email ask the following questions. So why are we sending this email? Why is this so lengthy?  Is this fully necessary to send?
  6. Time yourself in writing your next email and try to keep it under a minute.
  7. Ask for feedback of how much attention readers actually pay to your emails.
  8. If it’s not adding value, don’t send it, read it, or forward it.
  9. Think of creative alternatives such as white boards, drop box suggestions, posted notes.
  10. Print off the notes and actually hand deliver face to face giving the information.

Do you have suggestions to improve on saving time, accomplishing more, or solving this problem of wasting to much time on email?  I want to hear your solutions and suggestions.

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One Response to Getting serious about your email problem

  1. sanchit February 2, 2013 at 10:05 am #

    really bulk emails on email id is a big problem. as the email id is going old the bulk email are increase.
    thanks for giving such nice tips here.
    these are helpful for every one.
    sanchit recently posted…Mobile RechargeMy Profile

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