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Get Loud, Entertain, and Gain Business Today!

Here’s a personal story I would like to share.  My family and I were vacationing down at Myrtle Beach several years ago.

We were walking around the open air mall when we came to this fudge place we literally walked in and the whole place was completely empty, but the guy working shared “we are about to do a fudge demonstration in a few minutes” he asked, “if we wanted to stay?”

So my family and I decided to stay, the next thing we heard this really loud bell ringing and some guy started clapping and singing and dancing and I can remember thinking this is all about fudge.

It was quite entertaining there’s a guy that was stirring the fudge, he was flinging the hot melted fudge up in the air, and turning it on a marble top table. It was a complete and entertaining demonstration of how they make fudge along with some jokes and then ending with free samples for all!

And I thought to myself when we walked into this place we were the only ones in the fudgery company,  and when we walked out we had to fight the crowds to get out of that place.  This presentation has accomplished a lot of other small business can learn from.

Here’s a video of the store I believe it is called the The Fudgery company

When I started to reflect more on this experience. I was able to take away several different marketing concepts that’s could be incorporated and made a big impact for any small business.

  1. They made noise – The first thing they did was pick up a bell and rang the bell to let everyone know the presentation was about to start and to bring in the crowd in.Sometimes in business we have to make noise, and invite others to come check out all that we have to offer and can share with others.
  2. They were having fun – they were making people laugh, engaging the audience, and creating a fun atmosphere. My whole family enjoyed it, stay for the whole presentation, and even enjoyed a free delicious piece of fudge.We have to enjoy, be passionate, and have fun with the work that we are involved in. This will ultimately create something that attracts others in when they see people enjoying and having fun.
  3. They engaged the audience – Throughout the whole demonstration that the narrator was asking sharing say and repeat, asking questions, and even had a repeat after me pledge.As a small business you have to engage your audience, if you attract a crowd that’s only winning half the battle.  The next step is to create a engaging environment that really gets your audience engaged and excited about your service or product.
  4. They educated us – They literally taught us how they make the fudge.  They showed how they shape it, how they cut it, and some of the simple steps and processes they use to create the delicious masterpiece they called fudge.We have to educate our visitors about your services, our brand, and products.  I believe we have to share the secrets, give our customers the information they are looking for, and look to resolve there wants and needs.
  5. They entertained – through the whole presentation they were making jokes, laughing, and entertaining.  They were able to captive an audience for at least a 5 to 7 minutes.In business we have to stand above our competitors and even entertain through our business.  Entertaining can look different through many different business. Trust me when I saw you have to learn how to entertain a captivated audience.
  6. Gave free samples – At the end of the presentation everyone got a free sample fudge. It was a very nice ending to the presentation.
    I believe in business it’s always better to give than to receive.  Giving free offers, samples, or giveaways will always result in attracting more for your business.
  7. Offered promotions – Along with the free samples, they clearly presented a “manager special” or promotion. This was again communicated very clearly that it was a buy one get one free on any fudge just for coming in and watching the presentation.
    Being able to clearly communicate your promotions to large number of potential customers will only result in success for your business and offer.

This whole experience was fun and entertaining, and I remember walking away thinking to myself that whole presentation really worked.  It accomplished by attracting customers, presented a product, and gained business.

Can you apply this to your business today?  If so, please share your comments and you this simple story has connected to you and your current business circumstances.


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2 Responses to Get Loud, Entertain, and Gain Business Today!

  1. Jennifer February 28, 2013 at 1:16 pm #

    Hi Eric,

    I thoroughly enjoyed this post. It was very entertaining and you taught me so much. So many lessons I can certainly apply to my endeavors.

    I’ve been on your blog a few times before but this is my first comment. Thanks for sharing.


    • Eric February 28, 2013 at 2:22 pm #


      Thank you very much for your comment! And it’s always good to know which post my readers liked so I can continue to deliver this type of information. I sure you can check things out and hang out with this awesome community here at Snitch Blogger!

      Thanks so much,


      P.S. the fudge was really good too!

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