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Get Into the Mind of Your Client and Become a Market Thought Reader

Are you serious about making sales, increasing your sales, or just improving your ROI in ANY Mark?

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The only way you can do this is by getting to know and understand your customer better.

What is your visitor/customer thinking?

- What are their dreams?
- What are they hopefully of?
- What keeps up at night?
- What do they enjoy?
- Who do they follow?
- Who do they get turned off by?
- What are their feelings about your business?
-  What make them purchase from you?
- What stops them from purchasing?
- What are their expectations when they purchase something?

These are such great questions!  And after looking over these honestly, “do you know your customers that well?”

If you know the answer to let’s just say half of these questions, how much more would you be able to sell to them?  Or better off, how much easier would it be to deliver the ideal product, service, or idea.

Now the next question is how much do you really care about knowing the answers to the questions above?

That’s the real question.  At the end of the day, learning to care for your customers, understand them better, and sometime just flat out listening can be the most important process of being able to increase your sales.

See I know the feeling of rejection after putting your heart and soul into a product, project, or even that email.  I also know the feeling that it is to see that no one has opened up that email, responded back, or even made a purchase.  I know these types of feelings.  I can honestly say I have been there and done that.

If you have been there can you please contact me and let me know that this article helped you okay.

Moving forward, so how can you really get into the mind of your market and start increasing sales that’s what I am wanting to offer and share with terrific ways to go about doing this.

Build a space to connect with your customers

This could look very different depending on how creative you want to get, but some ideas that you could do are as following:

      • Start a forum
      • Create meetings on or off line
      • Build a strong contact list
      • Video chat with others
      • Start up a challenge
      • Start your own mastermind group

It’s about building a core relationship with others and your customers to be able to understand them more.

Being personal and real in a interactive setting such above is a great way to be understand, relate, and observe within your market.  The best thing is just doing things with others within the market, can be pretty revealing when you start looking deeper at the meaning of what really pushed peoples buttons to respond they way they do.

Direct contact with a customer

Have you ever just emailed or cold called to actually follow up and talk with the customer directly?

I will share a person story of this one that happened to me oh a while back I finally was talked into or decided whichever it was to purchase Aweber.  After doing my research and put in my time I decided to go with Aweber.  I was very impressed.  With 48 hours of purchasing this service.  I had received two or three emails, and a follow up phone call.  They just were checking in and a making sure I had settled in and if I had any questions.   Later, I believe within the first week they mailed out something to me as well.  It was literally 3 ways they reached out to me by email, phone, and mail.

It can be as simple as just calling up a few of your loyal customers by phone and thank them for ordering.  While you have them on the phone just ask if there was anything else you could do for them and then throw a few questions above and then the most important step.


It can literally be that simple if you make sure yourself an observer of the customers with your market.


Check Your Competition Out and Their Approach to the Market

Find the top performers within your industry.  Study the sites, the copy, emails, and just about everything that you can study and learn from them.  I even know some that have suggested to print off everything they write or offer (emails, sales copy, sale letter, web copy) once printed off take notes and really soak in what your seeing and reading.

I know I have personally done this same thing with books.  Look up top books talking about what your wanting to do, and take notes.  If it’s really good book that is highly recommended.  I try to read the book one just for fun, and go back through it probably two more times of taking notes all through out the book and actually start applying and taking action on the information that I am reading.

The best thing to take away when checking your competition.  They have been there and done that.  It’s your turn to become a learn from the marketplace and build from it.  Learn how they go where they are today.  Listen to what others are saying about them. Ultimately what can you do better or to package something together creating more value to others.

Test, test, and do some testing

Being able to test can be the most valuable results your will ever find.  Survey just don’t cut it anymore, and almost half the people lie on surveys and give the answer that your looking for or that makes them sound better. The only good thing that surveys can get you a good start, but only a start.

What you can do is take the results from the survey and start putting them into action and testing which will actually be successful.  So if people are telling you they what this or that information.  You can write an article and see what kind of response you truly get.

If you do not test within your online business, you will not learn. Commit to test SOMETHING new this week. Test a email. Test a blog post. Test a headline. Test a podcast. Track the results of your test. Know some will work, and others wont work. Whatever is it listen to the results and start learning. The best part is when you test you never fail, because you always learning something new.

6 Responses to Get Into the Mind of Your Client and Become a Market Thought Reader

  1. James June 7, 2013 at 1:58 am #

    Reading the mind of client is a plus and help you to enhance your business activities. If you do exactly the clients want then you get Customer’s Perceived Value which is most important factor in success of the business.
    James recently posted…Google Glass: It’s About To Change The Way We ThinkMy Profile

  2. archdez June 7, 2013 at 2:58 am #

    I get to share my thoughts on those topics. Let’s keep in touch!
    nice to post with a great work!

  3. Nadia June 7, 2013 at 3:52 am #

    I like your remark about testing. Action is very important. And testing is one of parts of this action.

  4. Pramod June 7, 2013 at 4:07 am #

    Love the way you’ve structured the post mate . Yes you’re right .. Understanding customers , building a space for interaction and contacting them are the 3 major things to be done in this context . Thanks for sharing the info
    Pramod recently posted…Investing in a small Businesses versus Investing in PropertiesMy Profile

  5. Joel June 10, 2013 at 7:41 pm #

    Love the way in which you’ve structured the publish..


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