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Gary Halbert

Gary Halbert – Copywriter Expert

Gary HalbertGary Halbert aka “The Prince of Print” or “King of Copy” is known as one of the most respected copywriter and marketer.  Gary had a way with word that hailed him as a copious writer that many still talk about his expertise in marketing strategy, copywriting, and entrepreneurship.


Gary had unique style of writing that continued to drive practical life lessons and real wisdom in everything that he wrote.  Gary was most known for direct marketing and writing some of the most famous ads.  Many of these ads helped him create a multi million business early in his career.

Gary Halbert Career Accomplishments

One of Gary’s biggest direct marketing was “Coat of Arms Letter” which has been mailed to over 600 million people and helped build Gary’s business that was worth well over million dollars.  Gary would often share that the most important skill was the effective ability to write especially when it came to salesletter.

He would always stress how the ability to create and sell products and services could give so many people financial freedom.

Gary had several different copywriting techniques that he would teach such as the following:

  • unique selling proposition
  • testing and tracking techniques
  • formatting tactics
  • unique P.S. technique
  • specialized language tactics

One interesting fact about Gary Halbert was the was sentenced to prison on May 21, 1984 to Boron Federal Prison Camp.   He ended up serving 10 months in prison.  Though I will admit it was hard to really dig up to much information about this besides that he was charged with fraud.  While some shared he was wrongly accused others shared that did cross the line and owned up to this.

Though his time in Boron Prison actually resulted in one of his most popular products.  This is where he created his “Boron Letters book” that he actually wrote to his son while he was in prison.

Gary Halbert Products

  1. How to Make Maximum Money in Minimum Time
  2. Boron Letters
  3. Gary Halbert Copywriting Seminar
  4. Gary Halbert Newsletter
  5. Gary’s Copywriting Bootcamp 

Gary Halbert needless to say is a legendary marketer that is treasured by so many.  Sadly though Gary passed away on April 8th, 2007 in Miami Beach.  Though you can still visit a family ran website and check out almost all of his salesletter for free over at http://www.thegaryhalbertletter.com/.  I would strongly suggest you go check out the website and start checking some of the masterpieces and start learning some incredible marketing strategies.

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  1. Steve McCormick August 5, 2013 at 9:34 am #

    Thank you for sharing, I enjoyed reading about Gary and now I have a clear improvement source when it comes to marketing and producing creative content.
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  2. Karissa L. Mason August 6, 2013 at 10:07 am #

    Thank you for such an extensive article. The main copywriting technique is unique text. Readers want to know something very special and distinct.


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