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Four Ways to Be The Most Productive This Summer

It’s almost the time of year!  The weather is getting warmer, day light is lasting longer, and the kids are almost out of school.  Yes I am talking about that summer season.  For many people running a business the summer can be a some of the busiest or slowest time of the year (this depending what kind of business you have).

how have a productive summer

This time of year is a season with a lot of kids off for summer break, more of clients and customers taking vacations, and it can leave you sometimes just hanging around or trying to dig up some work to do.
Actually, this is a great opportunity for you as a business leader to kinda regroup, refocus, and even re-energize.  Maybe even for you as a leader to take a little break, vacation, or even just coast a bit.
But maybe your just looking for ideas of how to all that I just shared. Let me share my thoughts with you.

Visit Someone Doing The Same Thing

Hook up with someone that is the same shoes that you do.  It could be someone in the next big city, state, or even in just across town.  Meet up with them and pick there brain, ask questions, pick up ideas, take notes, and just be inspired to take something new back to your own business. Maybe it’s just a country road trip and get away from all the computers, cell phone, and business task.  Sometimes this simple get away can clear your head enough to bring some creative ideas to the surface again.  

Secret Shopping 

Seriously, one of the best ways to check out your competition or see how other business are doing it is by actually shopping there.  This could be picking up the phone and asking questions before purchasing, purchasing through there website to see there process, or even going to there physical location and shop.  See some of the differences, the approaches, and strategies that are you seeing could be different.  
Sometimes when using this method its best to either hire someone or take someone else with because your perspective may be influenced by your own style and prefers to the best and true answers to some of your questions.  Plus, it’s always just good to have another set of eyes and ears to make sure your seeing and hearing the same things. 

Re evaluate

This is the perfect time to sit down and look over your goals, plans, and agenda’s to make sure your hitting them like your wanting.  This is a great way to be honest with yourself and make sure you not putting anything off or completely avoiding some daunting task.
Also remember running a business is only one aspect of life.  Sometimes we want to forget or neglect different aspects such as social, physical, social, spiritual.  And don’t forget two other areas that hit close which are usually financial and family.
These different aspects all must be working together for a full and successful life.  If one area is really lacking or hurting it easily carries over into other aspects and will effect your over all life.

Get Out Mingle

This season can be a great time of parties, festivals, fairs, barbecues, and pool parties.  These are a lot of fun, but can be a great opportunity to network with others.  Don’t forget that making these type of strong connections can really leverage your business in the long run. Business is exchange most frequently made through networking with others.  The more network and group of people we know, the best opportunities present themselves. This summer take the extra step and mingle with others.

Knowing is VIP

To be an elite like VIP, you must have the knowledge.  There is only a few ways to know all that you need to be successful. If you want to follow in the footsteps of the other VIP’s than mimic what they do.  One thing that separates the elite from the next average is the not hard work.  There are a lot of people that work hard at many different levels of success. The most successful VIP people contribue there success to education.This summer pick up a book, take a class, or just educate yourself.
So how are you doing to spend your summer?  Do you want to build pertinacious momentum? Share with us your ways to stay productive this summer?

One Response to Four Ways to Be The Most Productive This Summer

  1. Max May 28, 2013 at 9:14 am #

    Like you said, for some businesses it is the most productive time and for some it is not.

    If you are running season business which only brings you profit in winter but not summer, then the best would be to start developing something new, that would bring you profit during summer as well.

    You can expand your business or start another small one.
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