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Do You Have to Many Ideas, but Don’t Know What to do with Them…Than Listen Up

Have you ever come across the “idea man”?  You know which guy I am talking about.  This is the guy that has a million ideas on how to improve something, or the next million dollar idea, or even that scheme of how to make some serious money.   That same guy that every time you talk to him has yet another great big and wonderful IDEA!  

As many true entrepreneur have so many great ideas. Some of us might have business ADHD problems.   This is where you as a business owner will quickly jump from one business idea to another or you feel you have a passion or plan though have no clue of where to start.  This is when you find yourself jumping from idea to plan to end up just hopeless and confused.

Have you ever been there?

So you know and understand the fear of trying to figure out which is best.  This is the same fear of choosing your business direction incorrectly and falling flat on your face.  This is the fear of going down the wrong road with your business that is going to put you and your family into financial stress or even bankrupt.

Stop that kind of thinking right now! And check this article out.

Now let’s move on.

Those thoughts are preposterous.  The truth and reality of any successful entrepreneur comes some failures, bump in the road, and even have some failures to show for it.

Have you hear recently that “Angry Birds” is coming out with a new Angrey Birds Star Was II.  Not to mention think of brand “Angry Birds” has created selling tons of different merchandise.  It started out with as a simple app game designed by a company called Rovio. 

You want to know the reality of true entrepreneurship?

Let me share with you.  Rovio has been creating several of no name, never even heard of apps before knocking it out of the park literally with “Angry Birds”.

You have to start somewhere, and that somewhere is today with your next idea that pops in your head.  Give it a try; work it out, and starting taking action towards your next great idea.  Stop talking yourself out of it or even listening to the voice of fear.

One hard lesson I have learned

I have learned to give into this perfect picture world or waiting for that perfect idea.  You will never know if your next idea is the next perfect idea until you get out and give it a good shoot.  Here a thought for your and really think this one over for a second.

Your ‘perfect’ idea stuck in your head is never going to help anyone in this world until it’s given a change to be released. 

Let me put this way.   The store that is closed will never sell more than the store that is open.

Bottom Line

You will never finish a race unless you actually start it.

I don’t know of any single successful entrepreneur that has not had a history of try, try, and try again mentality. 

Let me leave you with this final thought.  Let’s say you have 5 ideas in your head.  If you pick one and give you a try you still have 80% of other options to work with.  But if you don’t even try one idea your wasting 100%.

In life and business we want the guarantee of the end product of success before we put the hard work into starting or creating something new.  I will be frank with you in the real world it just doesn’t work that way.  Getting started is the most important and is the ONLY way to get you to the end product of success.

But most of us want the promise of the finish line before we’ve put in the perspiration of the starting line. Business (and life) doesn’t work that way. The start matters most because it’s the only way to get to the finish line.

Pick an idea.  And start today!

2 Responses to Do You Have to Many Ideas, but Don’t Know What to do with Them…Than Listen Up

  1. Catherine Coombs July 19, 2013 at 12:49 am #

    I need to stop listening to my inner voice that keeps asking “Am I doing the right thing?”. Thanks for the reminder to focus and stick with a good idea!

  2. Lex Phumirat July 24, 2013 at 6:58 pm #

    Great, post. I’m on the path of trying to become an entrepreneur. As your article states, i had so many ideas in my head, but was scared to take a first step. Recently I have, I have been trying to get into niche marketing sites and affiliates sites, but even doing that is scary.

    Finally I started a site. And I know, i’ll fail for sure on my first try, but i’m hoping to learn a lot from it. and to never give up.

    Great POST!!
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