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Discover Your Expertise and How to Leverage it to Success

Everyone wants the “expert”.  That’s why billions if not literally trillions of dollars are spent each year to hire consultants, coaches, and even outside experts.  There is not one top fortune 500 company right now that in the last 12 months that has not hired one of the above.

It’s obvious…EXPERTS are valued!

Think about it, just like that tax commercial that is popular right now.  We want the information to come from the expert not the average Joe that can do a little of everything.

How do you discover you expertise?

This is the most important question to ask yourself, your company, or your brand.  What is the #1 solution, service, or product that makes you the go to person? What is the one thing that people continue to come to you for help for?   What is that you’re an expert in and might even know it?

Think about it, everyone has a little expertise in them.

This is where you have to do some deep soul searching and fully discover some of your passions that can help and serve others.  Maybe it that friend that is having marriage problem and they always turn to you for advice, maybe you’re the family member that everyone goes to for their car problems, or you know to connect people and get them all working together towards one main goal.

These types of skills are very valuable, and once you fully discover some of these true gifts that you have you can quickly turn yourself into the expert.

Leverage your expertise

This is NOT some wish list, pipe dream, or even waits for the next phone call opportunity.   This is your DESTINY!   Your opportunity  It’s time to rise up, create something, and brand it as your own.  This all starts within yourself and believing that you can do this, believing that you are an expert, and fully open to share your experience with others all while knowing your skill can help others today.

Here are 8 ways to Leverage your Expertise to success:

1. Share Your Story

What makes you unique, what experiences have you gone through, and how can you convey clearly your story of success?  Stories inspire, stories connect people, and stories motivate others to be action.  Share your story be confident, clarity, and being concise.

2. Stand Out in a Stage

Every star, celebrity, or expert has a stage.  So it might be actual physical stage, but creating a platform to generate conversations is a must. One great way to create authority is be creating a website or blog. When creating this platform make sure it’s premium everything from design, photos, and social media.

3. Start a Following

Everyone one want to be a part of something. This is a great way to leverage your expertise to create a community that be able to lead, teach, and share with. Create fans, followers, and loyal friends and things will quickly fall in place. The most important is giving quality information to this following and I would suggest to give it for free!

4. Steal the Media Spotlight

Think of all the media avenues such as TV, radio, newspaper, and other media print. Once the media spotlight is on you make sure you continue to spread that news through your own platform of choose such as websites, blogs, press releases, and emails. Be creative, start small, and reach out starting with your own personal network first. It’s given that once the ball starts rolling it will get bigger opportunities will come on the scene.

5. Speaking Engagements

When you start speaking in front of others, groups, and event automatically generates creditability. It is true. When you get up in front of an large crowd and share deeply about your expertise this only draws attention and continues to build the momentum towards a growing expert. Again, when you start to speak, continue to spread that world through all mediums.

6. Status Counts

So many in this world want what they can not have or what they don’t have. As your continue to grow your brand and status of an expert. That gap of prestige continues to grow as well. Through this gap means you become what people are wanting or chasing. Think about not needing to chase the leads, hunt down the next gig, and continue to chase the next opportunity…because they are all coming to you the EXPERT!

7. Success Grows Together

Authority is contagious, and when you start rubbing shoulders with other experts. The growth of success just continues to build. Being able to mingle with other experts, befriend successful businessmen and women, and continue to build your authority brand. Success just continues to be contagious within an environment of so many other successful leaders.

 8. Start Something New

Start a charity, start a conference, start giving back. Once your expertise is created it’s time to start something new and giving back in so many different shapes and ways. One idea that I feel is a great way to give back is to start a local meetup, a google hangout, or even sponsor a free lunch for local business meetings. There is something authoritative about being the first to create something new.

**Bonus suggestions –

Take pictures of along the way of your journey, video the success, offer free coaching, offer to help a reporter, and write a book.

I hope this inspires you to discover your expertise that is within you and start sharing it with the world! It will be a better place because of it.  If I have inspired you today, I want to hear your stories! Share your expertise, your success stories, and how your becoming more of an expert today. Share your story with us!

5 Responses to Discover Your Expertise and How to Leverage it to Success

  1. sandi April 11, 2013 at 2:24 pm #

    Interesting article.

    I agree with you, but I think that it is today to start something new is very difficult. But it is not impossible
    sandi recently posted…The Truth About Red MeatMy Profile

    • Tasha Marie April 16, 2013 at 11:30 am #

      VERY True Helene!
      And you have many, many areas of expertise!

      I think if we are tapping into our area of expertise that Eric is telling us about than starting something new doesn’t have to be hard.

      It will be different – and it will be change – which IS hard for most people- but starting something new should be fresh and exciting!

      Just my perspective!

      Good Luck to you Sandi – Try something new soon, and look at it as an opportunity to start fresh!
      Tasha Marie recently posted…What is Kindle Publishing? And WHY should I care?My Profile

  2. Helene Malmsio April 14, 2013 at 1:37 am #

    Very good information here, that will help people working to build their own credibility and reputation in any niche that they want to show expertise in.

    And its true, everyone has at least one area of their life experience and skills base that they have become an actual expert in – even if they don’t know it already.
    Helene Malmsio recently posted…Apr 12, What is Pilates?My Profile

  3. Evelyn Fernandes Pinto April 16, 2013 at 12:00 am #

    Hi Eric,
    WoW! Amazing information you have in this way many business owners will surely grow and can stand by their own.Thank you for this and Have a great one!
    Evelyn Fernandes Pinto recently posted…How to Attain Quality Business Solutions by Outsourcing WideMy Profile

  4. Mario April 20, 2013 at 3:17 pm #

    Thanks Eric,For sharing your knowledge with us.It is a much needed information.This will help in my area of expertise!Good day Sir.
    Mario recently posted…Make money on the internet from your computerMy Profile

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