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Content Marketing is Here to Stay

I have thrown this term “content marketing” out and it seems to be a huge and hot topic these days especially when with any real business looking to continue to grow and build that loyal customer.  So let me break down this content marketing in simple terms.

The best I can explain content marketing is providing valuable education while collecting buying customers.

Some others describe content marketing as:

content marketing

— Brian Clark, Copyblogger Thought on Content Marketing


content marketing

Wikipedia defines Content Marketing


- Ernest Thoughts on What is Content Marketing

– Ernest Thoughts on What is Content Marketing

Content marketing isn’t anything new and has been around for a long time because it works.  Consumers these days are attracted to someone that add value, educate, and be trusted in helping them gain whatever it is that is needed.

Traditional marketing is very in your face and has this stigma if not being trusted and probably rightful so.

So where does that leave the consumer it leaves them longing for someone to come along side and offer trust, value, and resolution.


It’s Leveraging Your Way to the Top

I know that it takes time to educate; it takes time to respond to emails, it takes time to write a blog post of over 1600 words explaining in depth what I have experienced. I want to share and have other learn from my mistakes or even better take what I am doing and add more to it and start making some serious money!

Though its these type of practices of taking the time to stop and listen to what people are looking for, start asking the right questions, and start sharing your experience.

When you do all the above and still not make a dime off it is when people are going to start trusting and listening to what you have to say and share.

One of the best complaints I have ever heard was when I had this problem, or when I was facing this decision, or I did not know where to go next but you came to my mind to ask first.

I can share numerous of stories like that and people came and I was able to help.

The best part is we both walked away with a smile on our face because I know I able to add value, encourage, and see another person grow.  That person walked away with a new perceptive and solution to whatever problem they were facing.

Here is list of avenues that I have offered using content marketing

  1. Blog
  2. Website
  3. Product review
  4. Interview
  5. Newsletter
  6. Graphics
  7. Presentations
  8. Press releases
  9. Article writing
  10. Videos

I hope this short list can help you start thinking of some of the many ways you can start adding value to so many consumers out there looking for the right answers.

How I have benefited from Content Marketing

Cheaper than ANY other marketing
What I have found is that content marketing boils down to just taking the time to share your experience, knowledge, and resources.  It’s literally that easy and I know everyone is an expert in something.  If you don’t feel as if you can write than do a podcast.  Don’t put limits or excuses, but be creative and take action. Trying something and failing is usually cheap, but the lessons you walk away with are priceless.  Most importantly those lessons usually launch you into the right direction.

Drives top search engine results
I use targeted content that is valuable and people want to share with their friends.  When they do this the search engines will have to put your content on at the top of the search engines because people want it.  Obviously this is not magic and work is involved, but with the right words and the hard work it can be accomplished.

Lastly, the end result of being at the top of search engines is that means traffic continues to build.  This traffic is targeted and has a drive to educate themselves and want to look for someone that knows what they are talking about and can be trusted.

Works for any niche, industry, and offline businesses
I continue to get a newsletter in the old fashion snail mail from my mechanic offering me car tips, suggestions, and helpful information.  I will be honest I know very little about cars (my wife can testify to this), but I enjoy picking up that newsletter and reading it usually from cover to cover. This stuff really works and I bet if you stop and think about it you can think of an experience just like what I shared and we have both experienced content marketing at its finest and never knew it.

Again, content marketing when accomplished correct will work in any niche, industry, and literally everywhere.  This can even take on an global effect that’s the tools and resources that we have available to us today.

Conclusion on Content Marketing

The biggest thing that I have learned through growing and improving at content marketing is to think of others first.  I know that may sound cliché, but it’s true.  Think of the readers and what they are needing and wanting.

Trust me once you start thinking of others, spending time in helping others, the sales will come it’s just natural.  I will admit you have to be intentional with being relevant, creative, engaging, and valuable content.

When your audience succeeds, so will you.

So I want to hear from you the reader are you helping others out? Or maybe you’re looking for help? Let me know by either sharing a comment below or using the contact us.

Don’t go another day without helping someone else first!

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2 Responses to Content Marketing is Here to Stay

  1. Stef February 7, 2013 at 1:16 pm #

    We all know that Google has really been getting strict and stricter every time it updates its algorithm. I guess content marketing is one of the things that Google approves of when it comes to getting your website ranked on its SERP. So I would agree that it is really here to stay because it works.

    • Eric February 7, 2013 at 1:27 pm #

      Hey Stef,

      Thanks for your comment and there is no better way to stay safe and build links than a strong content marketing strategy. If you ever need any help look me up! And please don’t be a stranger, I look forward to connecting with you again soon Stef!



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