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How to Fully Express Yourself with a Blog

image source Here at Snitchim.com, we love to help new bloggers find their feet, and start their journey. Your blog is a wonderful way to express yourself, and add value to the world around you. You can use it to write and talk about your passions. You can use it to strengthen your CV, and [...]

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Andy Rooney Quotes

Andy Rooney Quotes If you liked these than check out Zig Ziglar Motivational Quotes.  

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Are You Backwards?

Are You Backwards?      

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Should You Start a Business Blog?

Why you should consider a small-business blog–and how you can start one I have done my research and blogging is not going away any time soon. Even just look at some of these blogging statistics that I was able to dig up. Do you see the opportunity? Do you see the growth?  And should your [...]

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Scams are EVERYWHERE!  Just the other day my wife got 3 calls from a guy with a really jamican accident telling her she won the sweepstakes.  Of course she knew it was a scam and reported it right way.   It does not matter what avenue scams take they are literally everywhere you look.  Open an email, take a [...]

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The Truth about the Competition of Freelance Work

Competition is everywhere you look, in sports, in life, in business, in blogging, in search engine ranking, and yes even in freelance work. Freelancing can be downright cruel competition when more and more freelancers continue to coming onto the scene.  It does not matter what type of freelancer you are. It could be a freelance [...]

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How Many Blogs Are There?

This is a great question and so I started to do a little digging and this or should I say these are the numbers that I came up to answer this ever or never ending question. So just how many blogs are out there? Tumblr.com shows it has over 101.7 Million blogs with 44.6 Billion [...]

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What I Learned after Losing a Big Client

Several years ago, I had a very solid, secure, and growing writing business that was just cruising right along making a pretty little penny.  I started to pick a few more clients, my name was getting out there some, and even landed a very large account.  This account started to pick up quite nicely and [...]

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Snitching On My Deep Little Secrets

I wanted to share and probably not many know one of my true passions in life: Sports Ministry. Okay so its that big of a secretes,and I am not hiding it though just really have not came up. Also did  you know that I was a Missionary for a year in the Philippians?  It’s been [...]

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Review – The Gadgeteer

I have been really enjoying the other site reviews that I have completed already. I would like to continue to share my thoughts, two cents, and basic site review on Snitch Blogger. Please note that all reviews are my own, honest opinions that are not paid reviews. Today we have on up for review The [...]

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