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Why You Should Use Social Media To Grow Your Audience

Source: The primary goal of any business is to turn maximum profits. One of the best ways to do that is by increasing your audience without spending much money to do it. We’ve witnessed huge changes to the business world over the past 20 years. Computers have been central to those progressions. Whilst there has [...]

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The Untapped Market for Internet and Social Media

Since, early this year top social media and Information Technology companies have been making social media news headlines because of several ambitious acquisitions and investments in new technology. With market growth in developed countries slowing down, many companies are looking to the third-world and the market potential that it represents. As of June 30 this [...]

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How To Make Social Media Work In the Ever Evolving Cyberspace

With the growing number of Facebook and Twitter signups, billions of existing active users, only the fool will underestimate the impact of social media in online marketing. These new platforms allow internet marketers to reach more of their target audience in a simple, fast and cost-efficient way. Social media is widening its scope, and one [...]

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Social Media Marketing–The Changing Face Of Marketing

If you haven’t been utilizing social media marketing in your business, you are missing out on its considerable benefits. In a Nielsen survey conducted in 2011, it was revealed that more than 90% of consumers surveyed trusted recommendations from acquaintances, and that about 70% trusted opinions of other people posted on websites. The same survey [...]

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What Is An Infographic?

Created by Customer Magnetism, an award winning Digital Marketing Agency.

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Where the Blogging Traffic Is and How to Get It

This a very common question that I get all the time, and that’s where can I get more traffic, how do I build more traffic, how do I get more readers, or how can I increase my ranking.  These are all great questions that I continue to see everywhere.  That’s what I want to break [...]

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How to Install and Unbelievable Ways to Use the Diigo Toolbar

This is a Diigo Beginner Guide: Install and Use Diigo Toolbar For more information check out: Social Bookmarking Made Easy With Diigo Toolbar

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What Is Crowdsourcing?

If you have already heard of “crowdsourcing”, then you are probably already familiar with its basic aspects and how it can help you achieve goals that would be difficult or even impossible to achieve otherwise. If you haven’t heard of it yet, read on to find out more about it and learn about some of the more common [...]

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5 Must See Images

  Click image to see a larger version What Influences a Purchase Decision via Big commerce   photo credit: http://askjeremyjones.com/the-ultimate-bloggers-guide-to-duck-dynasty/   Photo credit: http://notagrouch.com/you-dont-have-problems-only-opportunities/   Photo credit: http://www.seroundtable.com/google-penguin-one-16692.html      Photo Credit: http://writinghappiness.com/add-credibility-blogging/

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The Best of the Best Blog Posts

I was encouraged by 30 blog post ideas over at No. 2 Pencil blog.  I decided since it would compose a blog post of some of the best post that I have found, but the only twist is I am going to share strictly my blog posts with you. First I want to share with you [...]

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