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25 Experts Were Asked “What is a Niche?” The Answers Will Astonish You!

  The question, “what is a niche?” can have a vast range of views, perspectives, and variety of responses.  That’s actually what I did.  I have stepped out and asked this great question of “what is a niche” to some of the best marketers online today.  Here is the exclusive and unedited responses that I [...]

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Inside Secrets to Internet Marketing With Josh Spaulding

Book(s) Your Currently Reading? Mainly personal, Faith based. I derive most of my IM/Business info from blogs, newsletters and individuals I’ve gotten to know. Best Business Purchase? Probably GetResponse (aWeber is just as good) because that’s when I started building my list … not long after, that list was paying all of my bills plus some. Resource [...]

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What is Ping

What Is Good Ping? If you are familiar with the I.T. industry, you may be familiar with the concept of “pinging” an IP address. For purposes of blogging however, what is ping – “ping” means an almost entirely different thing. PING: The Search Engine Notifier In the blogging world, PING is the acronym for “Packet Internet [...]

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How Much Time Do You Need to Blog?

This is a great question to be asking.  How much time do you need to blog?  This is probably one of the most asked questions I get when I start talking with others to start up a blog.  So how much time does it take you to blog? This is difficult question to answer because [...]

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Exclusive 1 on 1 SEO Conversation with the Internet Marketing Guru – Mikhail Tuknov

Today we have Mikhail Tuknov is the founder of the Internet Marketing company called Infatex.com. Mikhail is known for helping businesses increase online sales, grow brand awareness, boost web traffic.  He is an expert in online marketing concepts, SEO, viral marketing, PPC, and Social Media. Personally, I have known Mikhail for well over 6 years, [...]

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SEO, Small Business, and Jonathon Hyjek

Quick Starts: Book(s) Your Currently Reading? The Bible, Put Your Dream to the Test (John Maxwell) Coffee or Tea? Coffee, but only if they’re high quality, fresh ground beans, brewed properly Best Business Purchase? A good bookkeeping program What’s the first thing you do at work each day? Check my email Resource or website you use [...]

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Figure Out What People Want and Give it to Them Now!

  The internet dream of any business, company, or website is to be ranking on the first page of all the major search engines for the heavy traffic keywords such as “mortgage loans” or “lawyer”.  It’s a fact that any site that can rank for those keywords is accomplishment financially!  Though with that comes the [...]

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Snitch Blogger

What is Snitch Blogger? I have been asked already a few times and probably with good reason since not everyone knows slang terms, and the word snitch can have several different meaning according to what your following. Like many words it comes down to defining that term or word. Snitch when looked up in the [...]

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What is the Best Time To Post Your Article

  Have you ever wondering when the best time is to post your article? Seriously have you thought about this, and what kind of effects this could be having on your posts, your websites, and even could be affecting your business?  The time of the day could play a major role in traffic, commenting, and [...]

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