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Building and Maintaining a Successful Online Community

Having a dedicated online local community is certainly helpful in establishing the presence of a business. However, while it is easy to set one up, maintaining it so that it thrives is no walk in the park. So how do you do that and successfully foster a community of loyal followers? Understanding the purpose of your online [...]

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5 Ways to Avoid Burnout From Practically ANYTHING

I would like to share with you just a few ways that so many people have gone from feeling so alive to working themselves to the point of burnout.  Share these 5 simple ways to avoid burnout from anything and start feeling alive again.   1. Write out a Mission Statement So quickly this world [...]

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7 Characteristics of A True Disciplined Entrepreneur

Business #1 was created debt free and within two years is completely running off cash brought into the business.  Business #2 take out a loan of $50,000 and cannot seem to get off the ground finically even after 2 years of burning through a lot of cash. What is the difference? Obviously, the first business does [...]

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7 Ways to Turn Kind Gestures into Huge Business Opportunities

The next time someone offers a kind gesture to reach out and help you, be ready will saying yes to these practical strategies.  Are you willing or ready for a little helping hand up.  So many times in our culture we seem to be so busy and ill prepared for those little windows of opportunity where [...]

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Lessons That You Must Learn Today

These are some great lessons that you must learn and learn them for yourself.  So listen up and start taking action today!   Share in the comments below on what you took away after listening to these.  Start taking action today and start by leaving your comment below.

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Motivational And Inspirational Business Quotes

Most Inspirational Business Quotes & Best Motivational Life Quotes infographic  

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Did You Know That New Celtics Head Coach Brad Steven Has a HUGE Marketing Secret?

In fact, he’s not the only one… Mark Cuban, Phil Jackson, Coach K, Jerry West, and many more all have the exact same secret! Do you think you can handle the answer? Would you like to know the secret? source: wikipedia Come in real close because I don’t want this secret out to loud and [...]

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Do You Have to Many Ideas, but Don’t Know What to do with Them…Than Listen Up

Have you ever come across the “idea man”?  You know which guy I am talking about.  This is the guy that has a million ideas on how to improve something, or the next million dollar idea, or even that scheme of how to make some serious money.   That same guy that every time you talk [...]

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How Motivated Are You?

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Do You Want Change…Than it Must Start With You!

Here is a quote that really has stuck out to me and I wanted to take this time to share it with you. He opened up and shared more about this quote and his background of how he used to blame his job or the economy for his dreadful financial situation. Then light switch came [...]

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