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Wonderful Ways to Market Your Company

As someone who runs a business, you’re going to be faced with more stress and responsibility than ever before. It’s not easy to run your own company, and it needs a lot of hard work and dedication. You’re going to be responsible for every aspect of the business. And this means you’ll need to sort [...]

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Cutting Down the Cost of Online Marketing for Small Business

Online marketing for small business can often be a challenging work, particularly in cost management, where you want to get everything within the budget, yet still get the desired results. So, how do you effectively cut down on costs while still pulling off a good marketing effort? Here are some useful hints and tips. So, [...]

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What Would You Want Me To Do Next?

I need to hear from you my audience and wonderful readers! How about pitching me some ideas that you would like for me to do next. Anything goes just be realistic and honest.  I have had a few ideas, but would like to compile a list from some of the smartest people I know which [...]

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Gary Halbert

Gary Halbert – Copywriter Expert Gary Halbert aka “The Prince of Print” or “King of Copy” is known as one of the most respected copywriter and marketer.  Gary had a way with word that hailed him as a copious writer that many still talk about his expertise in marketing strategy, copywriting, and entrepreneurship.   Gary [...]

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“Should I Quit My Job?” Must Read This Before You Do

It seems if I get this question a lot. “Should I quit my day job?”  This is a very intricate question that much really be weighed out, but I am wanting to help you walk through some of the process to see if your really ready to walk away from that dreadful day job. This is [...]

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Gun to the Head Marketing

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It’s a Niche Market, but How Do You Know If Your Niche will work?

All signs are pointing to how popular niches are in today world. But how come your niche is not getting much attention or the traffic you dreamed of. The reason may have nothing to do with your niche and everything to do with your research. If you recently put niche site or niche blog, you’ve [...]

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3 Actions Every New Blogger Should Take

Starting a new online blog is an adventure and you never know what could be around the corner. It’s the right time to express and who knows you might land a new place of never-ending freedom! Did you know that, starting an online business, you don’t have to ask for a day off work? You [...]

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Inbound And Permission Marketing–Marketing Without Being Pushy

The “traditional” style of selling has never really appealed to me. Not that I wasn’t good at it; but I just wasn’t into the whole “hook, line, and sinker” approach that has been a standard technique in the marketing industry for many generations. My aversion to the standard sales pitch was also due in large [...]

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Get Into the Mind of Your Client and Become a Market Thought Reader

Are you serious about making sales, increasing your sales, or just improving your ROI in ANY Mark? deadstar 2.1 / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND The only way you can do this is by getting to know and understand your customer better. What is your visitor/customer thinking? – What are their dreams? – What are they [...]

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