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Over 600 Creative Writing Prompts

Here is a list of 600+ creative writing prompts Writers have been using creative writing prompts for a long time.  The best way to use creative writing prompts is to spark the interest and simple instructs to get you to write.  Writers can use them as a challenge, to create stories, or other creative content [...]

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4D Printing for Dentists: A Guide to Purchasing a Printer for the Clinic

3D printing, for dentists, is certainly a welcomed innovation, as they are now able to make dentures for patients much quicker than before, as well as being able to manufacture a host of other items for their use. There have even been lots of blog pieces written about the benefits of the technology for dentistry. [...]

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The Featured Start Up – Write Fight Road Trip

The Featured Start Up – Write Fight Road Trip This is the creation of Christian Fletcher, writer and rebel.  He is a champion writer. And he’ll fight you to prove it. Fletch told me: “Write Fight is a game I play in the town where I live now (Champaign, IL). I pick ‘write fights’ with people [...]

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Practical Freelance Advice

Tom Ewer Practical Freelance Advice Did you have any nice takeaways? If so, leave a comment even if it’s just how much you liked hearing these awesome accidents.

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Gary Halbert

Gary Halbert – Copywriter Expert Gary Halbert aka “The Prince of Print” or “King of Copy” is known as one of the most respected copywriter and marketer.  Gary had a way with word that hailed him as a copious writer that many still talk about his expertise in marketing strategy, copywriting, and entrepreneurship.   Gary [...]

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Top 10 Reasons Your Copy Just Might Stink

Did you know that could you write the most articulate copy in the world, but still stink.  Yes, you read that correctly even some of the best copywriters don’t get the results they want or the sales. Why?   I am glad you asked.  I am going to be answering this with 10 simple reasons of why your copy [...]

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How To Start Freelance Writing

Can You Think Of Who Needs A Writer? More freelance writing information: 54 of the most baffling benefits of becoming a freelance writing today Writers success freelancing and blog promotion Everyone is looking for more freelance work Be the best freelance blogger you can be

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54 of the Most Baffling Benefits of Becoming a Freelance Writer Today!

I have been doing freelance writing for well over 8 years and I have seen the benefits not only for me, but for my family.  I have learned a lot of different things through the years while becoming a freelance writer.  And that why I continue to blog about my experiences here at Snitch Blog, and continue [...]

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Writers Success, Freelancing, and Blog Promotion

Today we have an exclusive interview with the Jane Sheeba owner of probloggingsuccess.com.  Here story of blogging is very interested where it started back in a lonely time in her life away from friend and family.  She was able to use blogging/writing as a way to escape. She is always  great teacher in sharing great [...]

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Copywriting is Everywhere You Look – Even On Mother’s Day

I would first like to say Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers!   With it being mother’s day, it got me thinking about this holiday and how much of a business this day really is.  It also got me thinking about how much copywriting, words, and freelance writers that it takes to have Mother’s [...]

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