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5 Ways Not to Communicate with Your Customers

Today, I am going to share with you 5 Ways Not to Communicate with Your Customers.  It seems as of so many times we think we have it right, but we miss the mark so many times.  So please listen and read closely so you will not make the same mistakes.  And if you like this blog post [...]

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Discover Your Expertise and How to Leverage it to Success

Everyone wants the “expert”.  That’s why billions if not literally trillions of dollars are spent each year to hire consultants, coaches, and even outside experts.  There is not one top fortune 500 company right now that in the last 12 months that has not hired one of the above. It’s obvious…EXPERTS are valued! Think about [...]

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Writers that Want Be a Better Writer

Writing excellent content an a important skill to learn, and continue to improve towards becoming the best writer in you.  Think about content is everywhere and it’s going to continue to be a huge benefit for any internet marketing, online business, or a successful blog. Think about how much content is on the internet. Everything [...]

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Warning: Best Entrepreneur Advice Ever Given!

Best Entrepreneur Advice This is one lesson that I have probably learned the hard way, and probably still trying to completely figure out and work towards.  I would like to share  simple story of two sets of Jones to illustrate this hard learned lesson of the best entrepreneur advice ever given! We have to sets [...]

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Everyone Is Looking for More Freelance Work

Secrets to the Freelance Business When I share with others that I am a freelance writer the next obvious questions that everyone asks is how do I get your freelance work? This is probably the most popular question that everyone seems to be asking about.  I wish I could give them a fair answer that [...]

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The Biggest Problem with Blogging, Websites, and Internet Marketing Today

That’s right I am about to snitch again and share one of the biggest problems with blogs, websites, and internet marketing today.   This problem is hitting an all time high and continues to be a problem for so many people trying to blog, running a website, or accomplishing internet marketing. Are you ready to hear [...]

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Do You Have A Plan of Attack?

I one of my favorite quotes from John Wooden is “failure to prepare is preparing to fail.” Do you believe this statement, because I know I do. But are you truly convinced that a well prepared and thought out plan or system is what you need? I can remember several times in my life of [...]

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Writers – Get Paid to Write

One of the most simple, easy, and most legitimate way to start making money online is by writing. That’s right writers have been one the most popular ways, and many of these writers making money online today have a limited background of writing and writing skills. To be completely honest this is and one of [...]

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Eleven Tips that Will Help You Write a Blog Post

Here are eleven tips that I use when I write a blog post. Make head turning headlines Make your post easy to scan Make your opinion known Make mad links Less can be more 300 Words is enough Write with passion Include Bullet point lists Focus your posts on keywords Edit your post Keep a [...]

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How To Find More Freelance Work, Even in the Uncertainty with the Fiscal Cliff!! 

How To Find More Freelance Work, Even in the Uncertainty with the Fiscal Cliff!!   I thought this would be fitting on the night with all the talk about Fiscal Cliff!  Are we going over the cliff? Or will the Government finally close and sign a deal?  No one really knows, but I do have something that I want to [...]

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