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Pulling Them In: How To Get People To Actually Comment On Your Blog

Getting your blog out there is only one part of the picture. In order for your blog to be all that it   can be, it is crucial to have healthy input from your readers, and comments are a great indicator   of a healthy flow of communication. However, getting people to actually comment on [...]

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Google Plus Comments WordPress Plugin

So I am thinking of switching over to Google + comments. We Shall see. Do you have any thoughts, comments, or suggestions on this matter I would love to hear your opinion. Share your thoughts below in the comment section or look me up on Google + here.

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Blogging Remix Style

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I cannot remember what I blogged about last week.” Let alone what you blogged about a month ago.  I know the feeling and have been there and done that.  With my busy schedule it’s hard to remember what I wrote for this blog, other sites, and even all my clients. That’s [...]

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What Should My Next Case Study?

Hi everyone! People keep asking me about some more case studies. So I have listened, but want your input. I feel as if these type of case studies continue to bring us closer and a tight-knit community. This will help me push to get better for you. So what case study should I try next? [...]

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Reaching Out to Fellow Bloggers

Give First to Fellow Bloggers Pssst. Over here. I want to snitch a little secret. Have you notice this obsession of everyone talking about, wanting more, and will do anything to gain more traffic. I have used this little secret on many different occasions to my advantage, and the outcome always seems to amaze me. [...]

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What is the Best Time To Post Your Article

  Have you ever wondering when the best time is to post your article? Seriously have you thought about this, and what kind of effects this could be having on your posts, your websites, and even could be affecting your business?  The time of the day could play a major role in traffic, commenting, and [...]

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Blog Commenting – Case Study

Blog Commenting – Case Study I have been blogging for over 10 years now and within that time I have continued to use blog commenting for several different ways.  I will admit that a lot of my blog commenting was for backlinks, traffic, and to expand my network.  I have recently for Snitch IM blog [...]

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Kick Spammers In the Junk And Keep Way From Your Blog Comments

How to prevent spammers from leaving comments to your blog containing links and promotional stuff which never relate to your subject? WordPress blog can handle that easily. If you have issues about spammers who try to take advantage of your quality contents, let’s kick them off. Blogger and WordPress have this “CAPTCHA” functionality. For blogger.com, [...]

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How to Check For Dofollow Blogs With Any Browser

So I keep talking about dofollow  and nofollow blogs.  I have already shared with you the difference between the two in this post “what is a dofollow”.   Well, today I want to share with you the quickest ways to find a dofollow blog. Here are simple steps walking you through the major browsers of how [...]

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Blog Challenge #1 – Accomplished!

I am one that always wants to practice what I preach.  So I wanted to share how I kicked started Snitch IM with a blog challenge. This blog challenge was to try to build up some quick traffic from running a blog giveaway contest. The idea behind this blog challenge again was to kick start [...]

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