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Blog Comment Recipe…See What’s Stirring

I like a blog that can generate a lot of discussion, and I have the simple blog comment recipe that is going to revolutionize blog commenting today!  These are 3 simple keys that will keep the conversation and blog comments coming.  Some great examples of some of the “Snitch Secrets” that is about to be shared can be seen on several blogs. So let’s just dive right into and share these blog comment recipe for success shall we.

Make Blogs Posts Relevant News

Keep your blog fresh with trending and relevant news topics.  This is a great way to build off other topics, niches, or trends that have turned in to hot topics. One way of doing this is to get google alerts for the niche or topics that are popular in and around your niche.  Also, consider real-time relevant events that is being written by other bloggers and think creatively of how to leverage these timely issues and events.  Recently, I came across this great idea of supporting the victims of Sandy Hook Massacre!


Respond to Every Comments

Never over estimate this key in responding to every single comment. I believe this is one of the best way to truly grow and nurture the blog community at hand. This type of care does take time, but it earns a great deal of recognition from readers and keeps them coming back.

Be respectful to your community and try to address the questions they pose. Acknowledge their comments with thoughtful remarks. What is more, learn from them. I want to learn and care about hearing other perspectives that continue great healthy discussions.

Stir up the Drama like Real Housewives of Atlanta

Be bold. Be controversial. Be loud. Be opinionated.  Be bias.  Don’t be stubborn, narrow minded, bullheaded, or cantankerous.  A balance on this must be found that you want to be clear and kinda of stir up the drama, but don’t want to be a major turnoff either.  This is a blogger secret skill that must be mastered and you will start seeing the conversations stirring up as well. 

This skill is challenging the status quo and asking ill-fitting questions. This style will in many instances stir up the drama which in returns gets readers to start talking about issues. Bloggers and good marketers  learn this art of adding drama in small portions in there blog posts, titles, and even on commenting. Again, I can not emphasize enough not to be overbearing with a statement, off color, or dishonest.  A witty and creative expression and draw the positive attention and stir up the drama that drives viral traffic to your blog guaranteed.

I need help to stir up the best blog comment recipe, what other ingredients could be added? Or would you add any other ingredient to this blog commenting success recipe?


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2 Responses to Blog Comment Recipe…See What’s Stirring

  1. Prime Aque December 20, 2012 at 1:34 pm #

    Thank you so much for this helpful post Eric… when I read this post, I told myself you have the right skill as a blogger that would bring the drama here and there :) I love the way you write and your tips are direct to the point and very helpful! I hope I can stir up the drama at my own blog too!

  2. Eric December 21, 2012 at 4:02 am #

    Yea, thank you for the kind words! Just watch a few episodes of Real Housewives of Atlanta and I am sure you will find some real helpful tips. This is almost a art that you really need to kind work at and continue to practice, grow, and learn from others.

    Remember to stick out and really make a bold start that you want to stick by knowing that its going to just bring on the drama!

    Thanks again,


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