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Blog Challenge #1 – Accomplished!

I am one that always wants to practice what I preach.  So I wanted to share how I kicked started Snitch IM with a blog challenge. This blog challenge was to try to build up some quick traffic from running a blog giveaway contest.

The idea behind this blog challenge again was to kick start Snitch IM blog, and try to build an interactive community and build on some great connections being made from the readers coming to this blog.  I want to continue to build on the momentum that has been started from this blog contest in less than month.

I started the challenge for a few reasons:

  • It’ll motivate readers to comment on the blog
  • It’ll motivate me to kick start and continue to blog daily
  • It’ll help me show my example, I feel that talking about it is not always the best.  Sometimes you have to show by example of the simple action steps to take to help building traffic to your blog.
  • It’ll prove that I can blog and continue to create a stronger authority in this niche
  • If the giveaway is successful, I can create a solid report, product, or even teach others how to benefit and build successful traffic strategies.
  • It continues to improve my seo strategies, what actually works, and able to accurately prove effective tactics that work!

Through this experience I want to be open and honest in sharing the results that hopefully you can take advantage and give a shot in your own traffic building ideas.  Interesting encounters, interactions, and connections have happened during this blog giveaway.

This post will reveal to you more on the behind the scene view of what I did and what did I take away and learned moving forward.

What it Took to Accomplish the 12-12-12 Blog Giveaway Contest

In the 12-12-12 blog giveaway, I was able to get 3 prizes donated 100% free for the contest.  This was by contacting different websites, networks, and forum offers that I read.

With this blog challenge I also wanted to blog daily, add a link about the blog giveaway daily, and take the time to respond to all the blog comments that came in.

While I did track link building, I will admit after about seven days of the contest I did back off on the link building daily, but I was able to continue to blog each day and tried my hardest to respond to just about ever blog comment (I’m very sorry if I missed anyone). I have no real good excuse of why I stopped the trying to build links.

Though, I plan to start another Challenge for the month of January, so hopefully I can make it up this coming month.

The total amount of work per hour for the blog giveaway is as following in complete details:

  • A total of 7 hours writing and submitting the blog giveaway to sites for links and promoting.
  • A total  12 hours writing daily blog posts.
  • A total of 3 hours interacting and responding to blog comments.

Total hours spent on this blog giveaway contest = 22 hours.

I focused most of my time on writing quality blog comment themed content to go along with the blog comment giveaway.  Again, I wanted to not only talk about it, but I wanted to take action and put the topic that I was talking about into action.  So I really focused on delivering the best content possible about blog commenting.

The overall experience, I was very pleased with the results that came.  Though, I will admit I was bit disappointed in myself on not fully accomplishing all my goals.  The end results turned out a little better than what I excepted with it being so early and a pretty busy time of the year with the holiday seasons.

I do want to continue and try new challenge coming up in January.  If you have any ideas, suggestions, challenges please share those below in the comments.

Results from Blog Giveaway Contents

Here are traffic screenshots for the second month of the challenge:

Traffic Sources Overview

blog giveway
From Dec 12th to Dec 24th there were a total of 156 visitors, and 40 of those visitors came from search engines, 53 visitors came directly to the site and63 visitors were referred.  I really can not explain the direct visitors, but it was still traffic that I will take.

Top referral traffic sources

blog giveaway traffic

Here is screen shot of traffic from referral sources.

The top traffic was direct again with 53 visitors which I really can not fully explain this one.

The second most traffic came from google with 40 visitors which looking at the top searched term was 12-12-12 blog giveaway.

The 3rd and 4th most traffic which were all under 10 visitors came from free blog giveaway promote sites or directories.

The 4th and 5th traffic sources are from forum posts.

That’s it for the significant traffic sources.


Keywords used to find the blog

The keywords were not really significant  in this challenge. Listed are the top keywords:

1. 12 12 12 blog giveaway

2. (not provided)

3. blog giveaway

4. blog giveaway december 2012

5. enter blog giveaway today

6. free people giveaway blog december

I thought that 12 12 12 could be a catchy or trend to kinda of jump on and use that an good excuse to offer a blog giveaway and it looks as if my assumption worked.  Now the real question did shatter and real traffic records?  Probably not, but the results I feel speak for itself and challenge accomplished a lot.  Another big effect that you can see that this contest accomplished was the added blog comments.

Next I would like to show the amount of blog comments were the result of this blog contest.

Total of blog comments 

blog comments

The above image is the total number of blog comments that were the result of 12 12 12 blog giveaway contest.

As you can see you there were 4 spam blog comments that I had to complete delete.  The comments made absolutely no sense and I even took the extra step to try to contact the email that was left and of course it bounced back.  To have only 4 spam blog comments actually turned out to be better than what I thought.  I did install a cache and I felt that did help cut down on some of the spam comments.   There was several really good comments and connections that were made through this giveaway.

Since I’ve closed the contest  I continue to see a few readers that stuck and continue to add comments.

The number of comments ended up a lot higher than I’d expect due to the fact that this contest and blog was such a fresh start.  It seemed like once the ice was break and one comment came in they continued to build on each other after that initial comment.

Blog Giveaway Contest Analysis

While the traffic was not all that impressive, again I can not stress the spark that this contest gave was the most important aspect that resulted from this giveaway.  I believe that’s the most important.

We were able to create a space, environment  and great community of starting off commenting and interacting amongst each other.  With that stated, that puts this whole blog giveaway contest in full perspective of having the personal blog challenge that was accomplished.

Other than that, traffic was in my opinion completely a bonus when it comes to this blog giveaway contest. If  Snitch IM blog would not have been able to connect and learn a little more about its readers than it would have been chalked up a failure in my opinion.

3 Take Aways That This Blog Giveaway Taught Me

I was able to take away several different lessons from this blog giveaway  and would like to share the following:

1. Images can add attraction: I did not have a banner or any other image to help promote, or to post anywhere for this blog giveaway content.

I felt that this was a big disadvantaged as I started to promote this blog giveaway kept seeing tons of great images, banners, or just creative imagery of all the great prizes that could be won.

I would highly suggest anyone running a giveaway or contest to take te extra step by getting a few great visual images to really help draw that extra attention to really draw in the crowds.

Lastly there are a few things that you can do by uploading an image that you necessarily can not do with just content.  Such as the posting on pinterest, facebook, and stumbleupon are just some of the few examples.

2. Clear and precise communication is a must: From the first time I posted the contest, I realized how important it was to have clear and precise contest entry rules, policies,  prizes, and ending date for the contest.

Not only was communication a necessity for the blog post, but that’s just the start of having clear communication.  The next step is conveying your contest to all the different promotional sites. This communication will cut down on questions, emails asking about the rules, and could even get your offer approved quicker due to the clear and precise communication offered the first time.

This is also a very important in dealing with blog comments, emails, or even posting in forums.

3. Build up blog momentum: One of the most important things that this blog giveaway contest helped was to really build up some blog momentum.  While momentum can be defined in several different ways, the best way I can explain it for Snitch IM blog is growing comments, traffic, and readers.

While for some blogs they might see blog momentum strictly in the number of unique visitors, blog comments, or even responses via facebook or twitter.

I want to continue to build off this blog momentum that has already been contributed already on this blog.  I want to build on engaging to the readers, add quality posts, and adding quality resources to give my readers a edge for success. I want to add and stick with building blog momentum and keep blogging forward.

Blog tactics are important, SEO is important,  and marketing strategies are important but only quality will build long term blog momentum.

What are Your Thoughts about this Blog Challenge?

I really did not expect to share so much in depth details about this blog challenge that was strictly just a personal blog challenge that I had within myself. Though, I hope that these details and only give my readers suggestions to help them succeed and that everyone can only benefit from my blog challenge.

I have just completed this blog challenge and with the month just around the corner I am have been brain storming what could be my next challenge.

I shared openly and honestly with all that my blog challenge was about thus far.

I would be very interested in hearing your thoughts about this blog challenge?  And if you have any suggestion for any future challenges that you would like me to blog about.

Lastly, any questions about the above challenge feel free to ask anything.  Waiting to hear from you today!

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5 Responses to Blog Challenge #1 – Accomplished!

  1. Sire January 9, 2013 at 2:30 am #

    You did put a lot of effort into it and it’s good that you sourced some free gifts and give aways so that basically it only cost you your time. All in all, although you said the traffic wasn’t what you had expected, it did increase your traffic and gained you some extra readers. That alone made the effort worthwhile, especially considering it’s a new blog.

    The way I look at it it’s served as a nice little springboard and I think it was a job well done.

    PS. I don’t like the captcha as this is my fith attempt at getting the comment accepted
    Sire recently posted…How To Buy The Perfect GiftMy Profile

    • Eric January 9, 2013 at 2:36 am #

      Sire thanks for the the nice and encouraging comment! I think I might have forgot to mention how much fun I had doing it which did not make it feel like that much really after all! :) Again Sire hearing all this and even a job well done from you means a lot and inspiring me to continue to improve! I am very sorry about the captcha and I hope you come back and comment again with a better experience with captcha next time :)

      Thanks so much!


  2. Sire January 9, 2013 at 9:58 pm #

    The way I look at it Eric I give credit where credit is due.

    As to coming back, here I am ;) However, having said that I suggest you add a plugin that notifies commentators when someone has replied to their comment so that they have the opportunity to come back and continue the conversation.
    Sire recently posted…Online StoresMy Profile

  3. Bishwajeet January 11, 2013 at 10:09 am #

    Good word done and hopefully this will be great year for you :)
    Bishwajeet recently posted…Top 5 PHP MYSQL opensource shopping cartsMy Profile

    • Eric January 12, 2013 at 3:04 am #

      Hey Bishwajeet,

      Thanks for the kind words, and know I really appreciate each and every reader that come and check out Snitch IM Blog! I look forward to connecting with you more. Please come back Bishwajeet because I am currently working on my blog challenge #2 which I will be sharing about once completed :)

      Thanks again,


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