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8 Old School SEO Techniques That need to Die

Times are every changing especially in the SEO world.  It’s time to start doing SEO for 2013 and stop trying to live like it’s 1999 again.

I am proud to say I have never been banned, penalized, or even sandbagged for any Google update.  I never had a site that was hurt by Panda, Peguin, or any other Google animal through the years.

I have had many people come to for advice, suggestions, or even to review their site to see what I would suggestion.

It’s time to throw away Old School SEO today

I want to suggest 8 Old School SEO techniques that you need put aside today:


Link exchanges

I can remember back in early 2000′s it was as simple as emailing and asking for another webmaster for a link exchange.  Well, back in the early 2000′s that might be okay, and a popular way to gain some good links.

In 2013 SEO is not just swapping links, but the way to do it now is to earn links.  Links should be viewed now as a natural way to give back to what you feel is valuable, additional material, or just something worth letting your readers now about. When content is great and helps readers or visitors, I promise you that you will receive links to it.  Also, usually works the other way around in that you usually have to give before you receive the link love from other sites.

Instead try this  - The Ultimate Guide to Guest Blogging


Design Matters

First impressions is a lastly impression.  When someone clicks on your site and the design is nice looking, easy to navigate, and search engine friendly than your going to win.

I know a lot of people that spend tons of money only to have strange functions, to fancy of a design, and you can not find anything that you want on the site.  So a nice, clean, professional design is a MUST!

Don’t go ignoring the design and start increasing your views by just a improved design today.

Think about hiring a great SEO company. This SEO company should be able to work with you or your designer to make just a few simple tweaks that will boost your SEO in 2013.

Check this out – Design is still about the word


Authenticate Social Media

One of the newest and hottest topics you keep hearing about is authorship within Google rankings.  Well, this can start with social sharing buttons that you can find on just about any good website now.

Search Engines are wanting to make sure your a real person and that you are the one actually running your Twitter, Facebook, and Google +  accounts.  It seems that search engines are tired of letting computers cheat, automate, and cut corners.  It’s about being real and authentic with all social media.

Larry Page was even quotes by saying this:

Screen shot 2013-01-28 at 6.00.21 PM


More reasons for social media –  3 Reasons That Avoiding Social Media Will Hurt Your Business


Under Analyzing SEO Data

I continue to hear it’s all about the ranking, wanting to rank high, and give me the information that will get me the #1 ranking.  Anyone can crank out a simple ranking report and show ranking stats such as,  your site #2 for this “keyword” and your site is #1 for this “keyword”.
The real question is what is the complete SEO analytics and what are some the best questions to ask to get your site in the best business position as possible online.
I know how hard it is to put the rankings aside, because it looks so impressive to be in the #1 position.  Lets face it though depending on you site, or the keyword #1 through #10 rankings could be very little differences when it comes down to money.
The old school way of talking about SEO is talking about rank reports, in 2013 start looking at the SEO analytic data.Just another example of why SEO Ranking Reports are worthless

Awe Inspiring Content

Old School SEO technique or just writing a “SEO article” must die!  That’s right, you can not write an average keyword article and expect good results anymore.
In 2013 content is going to have to be awe-inspring content that engages, that makes people want to know more information, or even make that customer want to purchase that product!
Here are some suggestions to make sure your content is at the level it’s going to have to be for SEO in 2013:
Is your content link worthy?
Is your content building up an audience?
Is your content superb enough to get comments?
Is your content just saying the same thing as the next guy?
Is your content in the category of great and wanting readers to come back to your site?

These are questions that need to be ask to make sure awe inspiring content is what your site is delivering.  Don’t over think this, and it’s really not that hard.  It’s not any real secret besides offering new, quality, and awe inspiring content.

I could not say this any better of How to rank high on Google long term.

Loosing Your Brand Through Multiply Voices

I have nothing again expanding, multiple voices, bloggers, or even automative resources.  These have it’s place in some areas. Though, in most cases I feel as if you have to much your start loosing the big picture of your brand that’s being creative.
These attempts of adding content, freeing up more time, and streamlining a lot of the work will usually end up hurting more than it will help.
I guess what I feel it comes down to is building trust with your brand, and when you have several different voices within that brand does not build up, contribute, or justify the trust that is required for your brand.
In 2013 the customers know when your faking, not trying, or not offering the same voice that you brand stands for.
Some added thoughts on branding.

Google is the only Search Engine

The old school SEO thought is  Google is the only search engine to deliver traffic, results, or all t he business.
Just ask any web site that has put all their eggs in the Google basket.  They will all tell you the same thing.  It might look great now, or you feel that everything is and within the guidelines of Google, and all it takes is one update, new policy, or something that your not even aware about.
Things can crash, destroy, or even end businesses.

Its time for SEO 2013 to diversify, and create several different sources for your clicks.

Check out the Secret to Inbound Marketing: Caring.

Do you have any suggestion of old school techniques that should die? Please share your suggestion or comments below.

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4 Responses to 8 Old School SEO Techniques That need to Die

  1. sanchit January 29, 2013 at 10:14 am #

    Hi Eric, A good blog for every one, all points are mark able and need to follow. Good and original content is needed for commenting and blogging, cut-copy-paste is very harmful and unhealthy to all of us.
    sanchit recently posted…Mobile RechargeMy Profile

  2. Anirvan January 29, 2013 at 11:08 am #

    Thanks for your beautiful article.As a junior SEO executive I also think that link exchange SEO techniques is almost dying.I also particularly does not use it.

  3. Denzele Washington February 7, 2013 at 2:48 am #

    Because of changes they made on google the old methodes what we use for the SEO is now less use.


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