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7 Ways To Promote A Blog Giveaway

Blog giveaways, blog contests, free giveaways are some of the best ways to blast your blog with some short term traffic.  The whole idea is to get those same people coming to visitor your blog, but the whole idea is get try to get a few of those to stick around and have fun engaging with your blog.  One of the best things is the buzz that your blog giveaway or contest and create around the offer and hopefully word starts to spread really fast!

While having a free giveaway or contest is almost like having a website these day, which means nothing if people are not visiting your website!  So the real question is how to build and drive traffic to come check out your blog giveaway or blog contest?  Great question and let us take the next few moments to be a snitch and share the secrets about promoting blog giveaways.

7 Ways To Promote A Blog Giveaway:


1. Social Media

This is the best ways to start getting the word of the mouth out on about your blog giveaway.  While when we share the term “Social Media”, your mind probably things of Facebook, twitter, or maybe even thought of youtube.  There are all different endless avenues with social media, but if you focused and creatively spread the word on 5 different social media with a creative slogan, image, or content. Sometimes thinking out side of the box and looking to engage others in spaces such as pinterest, yelp, google +,  linkedin, yahoo group, meet up and stumbleupon can build some of the best blog contest and giveaways.

2. Forum Posting

This should be pretty straight forward, but its as simple as finding those active forums within your niche and start posting and sharing about your free giveaway goodies.  Just a few suggestions just to get your thinking about forum posting to promote your blog giveaway by checking out blogging forums through About.com, Sweepstake Forum, or you could search The Biggest Boards.


3. Submit Your Giveaway To Blogs

There are tons of blogs that are strictly devoted to listing sweepstakes, giveaways, and contests.  These blogs are dying to list your giveaway to continue to build and add content to their site.  Do note that several of these sites may ask for a reciprocal link before posting your blog giveaway.

Some of the best blogs might not be the actual giveaway, contest, sweepstake blogs, but a blog within your niche with a lot of traffic that you could contact and ask if you work out a win – win solution that could benefit both sites.


4. Swap Links

This could be a lot of different things such as a link from an email, a link from a blog, a link from the back end of a purchase.  The best way to ask for a swap link is to make a quick, solid, win win pitch selling your idea other bloggers. This simple clear vision of your offer, has the ability to create some new long term partner that you could becoming a very valuable network.


5. Blog Giveaway Directory

This is simple one stop shop for that will let you post your blog giveaway.  It’s very simple and easy to register and start posting your giveaway details at any time.  Check out the Blog Giveaway Directory today!


6. Promote Through Partnering

There are several ways to accomplish this, but if you can pull off adding a few partners who are willing to help you promote your contest on their networks of blog, email newsletter, or other platforms.

If you’re wanting to go for a grand slam, you could offer a form of payment for your partners. You can offer them money in return for promotion, or you could offer them a listing along with your contest sponsors.


7. Promote Through Email List


An email list is a no brainer, because this is already people that you have influence with and would be interested in hearing more about your giveaway. Don’t forget to write some excellent and catchy copy for your email. Don’t except everyone on your list to be interested in your contest.  If you don’t have a list the bottom line is start building a list today!


Blog Giveaway and Contest Promotion Quick Tip:  To boost traffic to your contest, make sure the heading/title of your contest makes people want to click to see what your giving away, because that might be the only information people see before they click through to enter your giveaway or contest.  Make it impossible for them to resist by enticing them with a superb title.

And don’t forget to write clear rules in your blog contest post!

Where do you promote your blog contests to drive traffic to them?  Leave a comment and share your tips!

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