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54 of the Most Baffling Benefits of Becoming a Freelance Writer Today!

I have been doing freelance writing for well over 8 years and I have seen the benefits not only for me, but for my family.  I have learned a lot of different things through the years while becoming a freelance writer.  And that why I continue to blog about my experiences here at Snitch Blog, and continue to share all my great experiences with you and this awesome community.

Would you want to be a freelance writer?

Don’t go out and quit your day job just quite yet.  My experience has been using freelance writing as a great additional income and providing a fun and creative channel to offer to my community. I know how many people are out there just like me looking for some extra money or a little side job to have fun with.


That’s why I came up with 54 of the most baffling benefits of becoming a freelance writer today:

1.       You can build a side business. Freelance writing is something you can create on the side without interrupting your full time job. And a thriving side business can produce a full time income and grow into replacing your full time job.

2.       You’ll be self-employed. Freelance writing is a business owned by you the writer. You have full control of all aspects of the business.  This adventure of learning a new business, networking new business relationships, and rewarded with a nice income for that words that you put together and created.

3.       You add an additional income. Freelance writing is a opportunity at a additional income revenue. After you have done this for a while it can be an easy supplement to your normal income.

4.       You’ll have career liberty. Think for a moment no more meetings, no more driving in rush hour traffic, no more checking in with the boss, and no more Monday morning do I have to go to work thoughts.  It’s over and the liberty of you running the show is in your hands

5.       You’re constructing a whole new vocation. Nowadays few and far between do employers offer training to any new employees, so trying to break into a new career is hard to do in today’s job market. With freelance writers, you’re capable to build a new vocation starting from the ground up.

6.       Writing and communication skills will help you in any career. Think for a second of how many times on the job skills required is effective written communication skills. I cannot think of any job where writing skills wouldn’t be an huge advantage? When you consistently write as a freelancer you’re picking up how to effectively communicate in a way that will make you more valuable resulting in more money in the bank.

7.       It’s one of the most secure jobs around. Freelance writers are one of the few fields that people are looking for rather it is for ghostwriting, web content, book writing, and the list goes on.

8.       You won’t need certifications or license. You will never need any type of certification or license to be able to accomplish freelance writing gigs.

9.       You’ll be offering more than words. Getting to the heart of freelance writing is pouring your heart, soul, and mind into making those beautiful words jump off the paper and into someone’s heart.  Having the opportunity to give something special each time you write is a great way to live.

10.   You’ll have an unlimited market. Some business, sites, or even companies will fold every year, but the best part is that for everyone that does fold two more start up. There are hundreds of thousands of web content opportunities out there and many, many of them are looking for freelance writers.

11.   You’ll be able to be creative in all capacities. Freelance writing is a endless possibilities to let the creative juices gush, and to create a “unique style and voice” that’s yours on your own.

12.   You will have freedom. Think about all the times you miss out on family stuff, doing things with your kids, or even just being able to meet up with a good friend for lunch any time you would like.  Freelance writing creates these types of freedom that you have never had before with a regular 9 to 5 job. Live life and be free to do what you want.

13.   You will have to call in for another fake sick day. Can you think of a career where writing skills wouldn’t be an advantage? When you write for blogs you’re learning how to communicate in a way that will put money in your pocket, and that’s the best kind of writing skill.

14.   You can write from anywhere in the world. This is a true virtual situation. I know people that travel the world while freelancing. I know people that walk up and work in their pajamas, work only in the evening, it’s literally work from anywhere opportunity.

15.   You’ll have no limitations of distance. You can do this from any part of the world while working with someone across the ocean or in your same city. Neither distance nor location will ever play a factor in creating more income as a freelance writer.

16.   You will have to pay for any type of startup kit or cost. Literally if you have internet access and a computer that’s all that is needed to start calling yourself a freelance writer. You literally don’t have to put in another dime to start up a freelance business.

17.   You’ll be bringing stories to life. As a writer you have the opportunity to bring life to the words coming of those pages.  Being able to share those stories and bring them to life for everyday readers to enjoy.  That’s exciting and you might not be ready freelance writing if that does not excite you.

18.   You don’t need any special tools. No tools, software, or equipment. Writing can be literally accomplished by using gmail and google docs.

19.   You can build a community of networks. Currently there are a number of freelance writing communities that you’re able to build a strong network to help you get started on the right foot.  Being able to build a network with others is one the best ways to start off as a freelance writer. Through this community of network your able to establish solid ground work of contacts and possible leads.

20.   You’ll never have a corporate lay off every again. Oh sure, you can drop an assignment with any given client, but by writing for several different clients or contracts. This leverages you from never losing business all at once ever.

21.   You’ll have growth potential. Since content, content marketing, and copy of all sort is consistently in demand and content is always needed. You have the chance to develop your business as much as you want or as little as you desire. Literally the sky is the limit for freelance writers.

22.   You’ll have a chance to build a public platform. Being able to get your name, writing, and your style out there helps build your platform.  This will instantly give you credibility and authority within the topics that are covered. So get your name out there on some if the big blogs can help launch your freelance writing career.

23.   You can break the cycle of giving into the normal career. How many times do we find ourselves just taking another job that we hate to be able to pay those bills.  It’s time for you take the change and enjoy something different that you could really enjoy.  Stop the cycle and take the leap into a new freelance writing career.

24.   You can build a quality freelance writing portfolio. Being able show past writing work through a professional looking portfolio will continue to give you the edge needed in the freelance writing market.

25.   You will never dread Monday mornings again. Do you now a friend or family member that is always saying oh I cannot believe its Monday again.  Well, that’s because they dread going to work.  When you start a freelance writing business, your able to schedule the work out however and whenever you would like, and start enjoying your Monday’s again!

26.   You could get noticed by potential employers. Being able to write on different stages, platforms, and sites expands your potential market and clientele. This is just yet another great way to break into the freelance writing career.

27.   You’ll have a very impressive resume booster.  Being able to put down some more references, the accomplishments that you developed, and improve you network.  Listing your freelance work and business is a great way to show initiative and boost your resume.

28.   You’ll have a ability to be of assistance to others. One the most sanctifying moments can be delivering that piece of content that you know is going to be carried on helping others for the long haul. Being able to offer up solutions, assistance, and benefit others.  This is just a great benefit that writing offers.

29.   You’ll be learning a real business. You will quickly learn how to market, sale, and get out there while creating this freelance writing business.  Some of the best entrepreneurs that I know have learned by experience only with no formal education. The opportunity is endless, and once you start you have the confidence to continue to build and expand.

30.   You can write you do this.  Anyone that is able to articulate words on paper can start freelance writing.  I know several that start off as average writers, but by the time they have a few clients under their belt they are already raising their prices because the demand and supply is forcing them too.

31.   You will be capable of assess what your time is really worth.  Have you ever been in a job where you feel your time is more valuable than what you’re getting paid?  Or even better completed a task or project and gotten paid what seem to be pennies when it’s all said in done.  No more with freelance writing. This is a great opportunity to truly put the value that your time and worth.

32.   You can write in several different directions and numerous opportunities.  Did you know that people get paid to write for cards?  Did you know people purchase resume writers?  Did you know that you find a job writing scripts for you tube videos?  The opportunities are just about everywhere you look these days and read or even hear words.

33.   You possibly will get acknowledgment from media. Fine writers, with well placed articles will have a great change of being acknowledged by media.  Having some of your work popping up on some major sites could be a break through getting some major publicity.

34.   You could get a book deal.  Great writers get found! It seems as if you’re a good writer and your able to brand yourself or company in a nice fashion.  It seems more and more are getting book deals or even just self publishing some great books.

35.   You have an opportunity to meet intriguing new people. The world we live in now has so many different and new people that we can connect with through being so creative such as writing.  Being able to meet these new intriguing people can be a very inspiring and quite life changing moments.

36.   You will never have to worry about a dress code again. Think about it, and who would not want to wake up and just wear whatever they want and get on the computer and start working whenever they want. It’s just that simple and no worry about what to wear or what your allowed or not allowed to wear.

37.   You’ll have a It’s a solid income while working at home. This freelance writing is literally a work-at-home situation, and makes it great for stay at home moms, college students, retirees, and even disabled people.  Freelance writing is ideal for anyone looking to make a little extra cash without the expenses of daily commuting

38.   There nothing stopping you from starting today. Seriously think about this and see how easy it is. Write something down and send it over to 5 different sites, blogs, or even companies.  Asking them if they are in need of a writer, and see what kind of responses you get today.  It’s literally that simple to get started.

39.   You will be able to discover more about yourself. This freelance writing stuff gives you an opportunity to learn more, try more, and become more of who you are.  Being able to accomplish different task, create new ideas, and build a business really helps develop more of your characters and discover more of who you really are.

40.   You will be able to learn more about different topics.  While writing all kind of different topics could come up to write about.  Some clients might want cover vast of different topics such as, buying diamonds to drinking green tea.  Having the opportunity to research more about these different topics is always a fun way to learn and get paid for it as well.

41.   You can write under a pen name. Some freelance writers enjoy having a nom de plume—or “pen name”.  This is understandable, and can actually be leveraged for creating a brand name for yourself while keeping your personal and private life left alone.

42.   You will be able to create your own hours. Some of the best things that your able to do is tell others when you want or can work.  So tired of missing your kid’s activities or having to ask your boss, or just trying to schedule when your wanting to do something fun?  With this new business of writing through freelance can be a great way to make your own hours and schedule.

43.   You pick who you work with. As a freelance writer you communicate with, talk it over, and even screen who you want to work with.  Being able to pick the clients that you enjoy working with and if you disagree with something than you politely tell them you cannot work with them.

44.   You’ll be working with technology. How many jobs do you know that continue to be obsolete now due to technology. With the internet always changing the biggest demand within that change is content which fits perfectly for freelance writers!

45.   You’ll figure out that writing fundamentals have not changed.  The same style, way to write, and sharing information that people want to read is the same it was 10 years and will be for the next 25 years. So being able to understand some of the simplest fundamentals of writing is going to carry you for the long run.

46.   You’ll have unhampered opportunities.  So say you start this freelance writing business, and you don’t think it’s made for you.  Okay, because most of the time you will be able to develop relationships and skills that stir into the direction that you should be going.   The best part is the experience, and you were making money the whole time while new opportunities opened up.  Some of these opportunities that I have seen is starting events, workshops, curriculum writing, speaking engagements, and even starting a new TV show.

47.   You’ll have little investment to market and grow the business. Marketing a writing business is one of the least expensive businesses you can run.  Think about it, no overhead, no costly administration, and no office space.  Once you start writing the content speaks for itself and word of mouth starts to spread.

48.   If you feel stuck it’s as simple as moving on. If your current career has you stuck, and you feel there is more out there for you.  This might be a great way to start getting some of those creative ideas out, make some good money, and who knows before you know it might even be replacing your day job!

49.   You will be able to pay extra bills. Do you have any extra bill that you’re trying to pay off, or just thinking of ways to pay off that annoying monthly bill?  Well, freelance writing is a great way to put a little extra money towards paying off those bills.

50.   You will be able to create something new. If you like to create, and have always wanted to start something.  Freelance writing might just be the perfect fit for you.  Being able to create something new each time you sit down and write is a beautiful thing.  Why not give it a try to start getting paid for writing your new clever ideas.

51.   You will never be fully locked into anything. While you might have some commitments or obligations you will never feel like you tied down or locked into anything for ever.  This can be a very freeing thought and feeling for so many freelance writers.

52.   You will be able to do more things you enjoy. Freelance writing can happened anytime of the day, anywhere, and giving you the option to take more time to enjoy the things you enjoy.  Many times freelance writers have the flexible schedule to create more time of the things they enjoy.

53.   You can still have all the benefit from your career. Many advantages of becoming a freelance writer is the tax breaks, benefits, and even retirement planning.  These are not even different than any other career and you have the option to be able to create the same benefits that you would have for any other career as a freelancer.

54.   You can change your story and other people story. For some it may seem just like words, but sometimes those words sink into people.  Those words change people, change there thinking, change their perspective, and change their life stories. At the end of the day you could be encouraging someone to dream!

Have you thought about giving freelance writing a try?

I would be interested in talking with you more if you have any questions about freelance writing. Or you would like to share any comments below about freelance writing please share them.

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    Truly well written and detailed article. Its not wonder that your blog Is growing very fast. Well Going Eric.

    • Eric Pangburn June 4, 2013 at 8:23 pm #

      Thanks Areesh, I am glad you liked it. Is there any other information that you interested in checking out or seeing more information about?

      I always value my readers opinions!

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    Very informatic Article on Freelance writing Job. Good to know so many benefits on freelance writing work.Thank you so much for sharing.

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    freelancing become more popular now a days………..but i don’t understand why people make mix up free lancing with e-commerce like http://aponzone.com/ …but to sum up, it’s a great article…..and also some useful suggestions lying in it!

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    This article has in fact been very useful. Thank you for that, but I wish to know if there is a certain age one can start up in the freelance business, would you happen to know that?

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